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cheap thermometer?

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Looking for a cheap but decent thermometer. Have seen some of the digital ones with the probe and wire for 20 bucks or less but there are so many different options and things on them and they range from 15 to over 100 bucks I'm not really sure what to get. The ones with the wire you can leave in the meat the whole time right? You just run the wire out side of the smoker and hook it to the read out? Thanks for any help.
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You are correct twistertail, that type stays in the meat the entire smoke. Most people run the wire out of the top vent.
Hope this helps.
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Welcome to SMF! First off, if you haven't done so already, head on over to Roll Call and introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you and your smoker.

As far as thermometers go, there's a ton of them out there. One of the more popular ones here is the Maverick ET-73 that has dual probes... one for the grate surface temp and one for the meat. You can pick them up for around $40.00. I own one of these and love it!
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Howdy Twister and welcome to SMF! As Hawg said, introduce yourself to all others here at Roll Call. Great people with lots of tips, recipes, and ideas. Make yourself at home!

Again , as Hawg said, the Maverick ET-73 is a great piece of equipment, but will run about $45. I have an Acu>rite # 00648 I picked up last year for about $18. Can get about anywhere. Works great for me when I use my kettle to smoke (have a gauge thermometer in the lid). Probe goes in the meat and I cut a very small slit in the lid so the wire doesn't get bent/mashed. I use my -73 when I use the WMS.

Whatever thermometer you decide to get, first make sure the temps are correct. Put some water on the stove and when it starts to boil, put the probe in. Should read 212 degrees (or very close to it).

Good luck and good smoking!
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I have to agree.. I have an accurite from wallyworld I think $18. works great losing no heat or smoke and can monitor meat temp regularly..
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I have the Maverick ET-73 and love the remote feature.
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Grandpa taught me if you strickly go on price you will end up paying for it twice. Once for the cheap one and then again for the correct one. Just make sure when looking for a thermometer that you get one that is decent you will not be disappointed then.
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Grandpa knew what he was talking about.... PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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You can leave the dial type in the meat too.
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I have the maverick also and have 3 of the accurites from wally world and they work just as good. I paid $40.00 for the maverick and $13.00 each for the accurites,
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I thought about one of those also but I worried I would be opening
my smoker to often to look at it.
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