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Ribeye and Tater

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Here is a pic of dinner that just came off the new Performer I got for Father's Day. I grilled a pair of 1 lb. ribeyes and cooked baked taters right down in the fire. Pretty good eats. I used RO lump and hickory chunks for fuel. Grilling is a little fast paced for during shots, so I just took a final results pic. Helps me let the steak rest a few minutes. icon_biggrin.gif

Steak cooked over a very hot coal bed. Seared 2 min. and rotated 90° then 2 more min. and flipped over and repeated procedure for 2nd side. An almost perfect medium rare. MmmmMmmmm good!

Here it is:

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You dont know how bad I want a bite of that! Got back in town from eating bad hotel/confrence food ........... Taco night????? ...... not for another year. Looks like a great dinner.
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Nice steak Chad! Really making me drool! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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That is a real beauty! I think I could actually smell the steak PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Da**, that looks good!!! All I can say is I know where you live...lol. Congrat's on your daddy's day gift.....looks like your putting it to excellent use.cool.gif
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That’s my favorite cut too, I’ll take that over a filet every time! icon_cool.gif
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Can't beat a good ribeye. Got out the fine china too!
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Me too Carl. These were a little thin. I usually buy a whole ribeye or two when they go on sale. They will slice for free, but I usually bring them home and slice them about 1 ½" thick. My wife picked one up for us last time and fell for the free slicing so these are a little skinny. Still eat good though.

Nothing is too good for us down here in the sticks Mike. icon_razz.gif
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Our fine china is sorta floppy.
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Nice grill marks Chad! That's zackly how I do my steaks on the Weber, except I go for the 45* rotation... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I love me some ribeyes! We picked up a whole ribeye at BJ's last week and cut them into 2" steaks... That's what's for dinner tonite!
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good job lookin mighty tastey
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Man that steak does look good. Not to mention the tater alongside it. I'm sure it made a fine meal.
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Oh Yea, I know what you mean I just finished one off myself, but I added a few 10/15 shrimp to the barrby for a twist.
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Me too, I just went dumb for a minute and typed 90° Hawg. Time for my meds.

I wish I had thought of that Skeeter. Not sure where I would have put them though.
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That really looks good. I hope the ones that I am going to fix for dinner tonight turn out that well.
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That is mi-t fine lookin grub. I do agree on the cut of meat.. my cut of choice. The only thing you are missing might be some fine portobellos sliced and sauteed, and poured over the top....

Man I am hungry
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i love my ribeyes. i usually get 2 18oz custom cuts about 2" thick & slow cook them and "try" to save 1 for the next day to have w/ over easy eggs,hashbrowns,& texas toast. aww gawd i'm starving now.
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Did a couple of ribeyes last night. Used a new rub on my steak that I found at the grocery store it’s Cinnamon and Chipotle and it's made by McCormick Ma Dutch didn't feel adventurous and didn't want any rub on her steak but did try a piece of my ribeye and thought it was dang good. (She must have really liked it cuz she kept trying to take more of my steak!)

Now if I had remembered to add the foil pack of wood chips to the grill. . . icon_rolleyes.gif
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Bit the bullet and got a 12 lber. On sale for $6.44/lb (Costco is $7.99/lb) Had them slice off 8, 1 inch steaks. Still have a 5.5 lb roast left. Cant wait to grill'em up or "smoke the roast".

Mighty fine lookin cut of meat there Chad!
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Man o man am I ever craving a big ole ribeye now!!
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