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Rib Racks?

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Needing to get some rib racks, just not quite enough room. Will this effect how I have cooked before? Any comments or suggestions? Thanks for it!!!
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I always use the 3-2-1 method with or without racks. During the foiled part I don't use the racks because I'm afraid I'll poke holes in the foil. Afterwards, I finish them off in the racks.
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I had to use rib racks when I did my last set of spare ribs. (4 slabs and some fattys and some chicken quarters) I didn't have to alter how I normally cook them, just like WV. I did have to stack them when I wrapped them in foil though.
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I don't see any major difference in taste with rib racks if that's what your asking ...
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I can attest to the joys of the rib rack if you're doing a lot of meat. I just did 6 full racks this past weekend and there is no way I could have fit them all on my chargriller smokin pro without the racks. I had to stack a few up when I put them in foil and then for the last hour but there was no difference I could tell.
- Anthony
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Rib racks

My smoker is a char-broil vertical smoker, and to get 4 or 5 slabs of ribs i have to use a rib rack. It does not make any difference then when i smoke a couple of slabs and do not use a rack. When it is time to foil i just put the ribs in the foil and set the racks aside till it is time to glaze them and then i use the racks again. So go for it anytime you choose, and good smoking.

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