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Smoked Trout ?????

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Anyone have a smoked trout receipe? Sure could use one. Thanks.
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Same here, I have 4 trout in the deep freeze. I am not sure how smoking would go with them.

Last time I made trout I just split them in half and stuffed a pat of butter and a couple of rings of white onion, wrapped them in foil and grilled them. I am open to suggestions though.
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Go back to Jeff's news letters...he had a complete tut on smoking trout not too long ago...
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Thank You Thank You. I do remember the newsletter...found it..February 2007.
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Awesome! Thanks!
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If you're like me and don't like everything hot-n-spicy, High Mountain has a good fish brine for use with trout.

I am currently working on a fish brine, but it is still in my kitchens R & D dept., once I perfect it to my liking I will share it with you all....
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The High Mountian brine works really well. Used it a couple of times.
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Well here's what I did today...

Used the Hi Mountain brine and followed the instructions with the brine.
Am enjoying one now. Quite tasty.
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Now your talking about a treat, they look awsome!

Put that Vac-sealer to work, and then mail me one of those Trouts!
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Would the "Golden Trout" work for ya Randy?
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