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Pigeon and Pizza

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Well I smoked two of the tinest cornish hens I every saw tonight. I swear they looked like pigeons (which is what I usualy call them). Brined over night, squueezed a fresh lemon on em and used a bit of leftover Jeffs rub from the weekend, then addded some garlic and onion cause there wasn't much left. Sprayed with ... you guessed it apple juice. About 30 mintes before they were dome I stuffed them with leftover crumbled corn muffins, mushrooms, onions, and cerlry with a bit of garlic and butter. They were mighty tasty!

I couldn't stand to see that empty smoker and I cranked the temps up to 300 for the pigeon so ... what else can I throw in there? PIZZA!

I mixed up a quick pizza dough, on the oiled pan, spread it out on my new cast iron pizza pan, sprinkled it with garlic, onion, oregano, and basil.

Then I strained a quart of plum tomatoes and chopped them up in 1/2" cubes, spread them all over the dough, grated some parmensian and romano cheese on top. Next I added pepperoni slices, shreaded mozzarella (home made of course), mushrooms, red and green peppers and brocoli on top. I was really good. The cast iron makes a nice crispy crust and the smoke is nice on the cheese and bread. Really good!
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Damn Girl! I bet you make a fine white pizza too…Yummy! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Carl -
When I make white pizza it's usualy topped with a fresh soft green salad with a lemon, olive oil and basil dressing. It's good!
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I've grilled many pizza's I've gotta smoke some. That looks delicious!!!!!!!!!
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That's a fine looking pizza Debi. One of the few things I've never smoked. I'm gonna have to bust out the pizza stone one of these days and give it a whirl.

It seems like some of the pizza smoking threads I have seen around that some folks cook the crust part way then add all the toppings and finish. Do you do this or just make the whole pie then cook one time?
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Chad -

I did it all at once but I started it low about 250°F to get the bread to rise up big then cranked it up to 350°F for the last 30 minutes to brown the bottom and side crusts. I never pre raise my pizza dough or pre mix the yeast I like it airy. I sprinkle the yeast on the flour, salt, sugar, basil and olive oil and mix in warm water until it gets sticky then kneed and smoosh it over the pan and again rub olive oil on it. It rises while chop everything.

First time I used this pan I wasn't sure if it should be pre heat the cast iron but it worked great! I think I'll get a few more.
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Pan Question

Hi Debbie,

What is this cast iron pan you referred to? Sounds like it might be a useful addition to my smokin toys collection......

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boy it's a good thing I'm not married to you Deb. I would weigh 400lbs. that sure looks goooooood
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Taz -
It's from Camp Chef found it when I was researching my smoker. Makes great pizza but it deep enought to use as a skillet. $20!

Cowboy -

I try to keep it balanced. You'd be fine - spoiled but fine. biggrin.gif
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