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Your Not even gonna Believe this!

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I have this tiny little dowm fridge in the basement I use for beer kegs, cheese and soon to be smoked meats.

I came home from work today and planned on doing some ribs and pigeons and a few fattys tonight for our anniversary supper (9 years) and I opened the door and it was warm.

I thought the darm frisge went bust and started looking around with a flash light and pulled the thing out so I could peek in te back. I started following the cord and it was unplugged! UNPLUGGED with 4 racks of ribs, a butt, 4 fattys and 6 bricks of Vermont cheese and maple syrup! I looked around and the extension cord (heavy duty homemade job with a breaker) was laying on the floor near the battery charger ...

Well I came up stairs and asked Jessie what happened? Apparently the truck wouldn't start yesterday and it has this intermitent thing that kills the battery sometimes and rather than getting one of a about 5 extension cord I have hanging in the basement Jessie took the closest one from the fridge.

I opened the rib cyropac ... OH MY GOD! What a stench! Good thing the pigeons were brining upstairs in the fridge. All that meat is now bad!

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thats to bad about all that meat last saturday i pulled two chickens out of the freezer set them in the sink to thaw i was gonna smoke them and have smoked chicken in my lunch at work all week well sunday morning i got up early to get the chickens ready and they really stunk i had to throw both of them in the garbage so i know how you feel it really make you mad to have to throw all that meat out
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Huey - this was tonight! Gotta be $100 worth of meat - I did't know meat could smell that bad!

Sorry you didn't get lunch this week too!
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one of my nightmares is being without electrisical for over 60 hrs...

my meat in freezer--
but most importantly my bi-pap machine...

i need a generator to add up to at least 5--not 7 --ha ha ha ..PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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No Q for a month should be an appropriate punishment!!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Hate that for you Debi. At least it was unplugged and didn't go out on you. confused.gif
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Well that just stinks! (pun intended). Seriously though it's frustrating when things turn out bad through no fault of yours.

You have to look on the bright side. It is a good excuse to visit the market and see what tasty morsels they may have. :)
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Last January, my little grandson (who was staying with us for a bit) went downstairs to filch some leftover Christmas cookies (we freeze them after we bake them, and then just thaw them out when we need them) and left the freezer door ajar, but not enough for the light to come on…about a week later I smelled something and when I checked, there was blood leaking from out of my freezer. I had 2 Copper River Sockeye 6 lb filets, my entire November deer and 25 lbs. of chicken breasts soft and warm to the touch, not including our normal freezer fare, so I feel for ya Deb!icon_cry.gif When will the interment be for Jesse? icon_wink.gif
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Wow Carl A whole season of deer! And I was cryin over a few ribs!

Lee I think no Q for a month would be a punishment to me then I'd have to cook two different meals! Or not smoke for a month. Brrrrrrrrrrrr what a scarey thought! I have hard enough time waiting for weekends! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

WV - I wasn't to worried if the fridge died it was free my son gave it to me right after 911 when Alamo went out of business. They divided the shop and o one wated it so I thought - hmmmmmmmm kegerator! It's used most to hold my cheeses and meat smokin stuff.

I think loosing the ribs is punishment enough Jessie loves ribs and I haven't been finding the whole big ribs lately just the tiny ribs cut in half.
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The first punishment should have been cleaning out the fridge..... icon_eek.gif

After that it's whatever the law aloows for is such situations.... PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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I think you threw out the wrong meat icon_exclaim.gificon_smile.gif

Sorry about your loss though ... I would be fuming!!!!
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I was very upset - but I bought 6 more packs today so I am happy again!
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This is why they make cheap freezer alarms!!!!
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How did I miss this post?!

Gee Debi, I am really sorry to hear about your loss! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

But, I am glad that you have new meat and you are happy again... Wait, that didn't sound quite right... well, you know what I mean! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Wow....thought I would have to free some time for the funeral. Glad it was just the loss of ribs and no blood was spilled...lol
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Anyone seen your husband lately or is he in the freezer too now? :)
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Deb, sorry about your loss. Can imagine you gave a whole new meaning to "smokin" and "chewin on some butt". Have a nice weekend.
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LOL we are a strange lot aren't we? Loosing a few ribs is like loosing a friend.

Keystone it wasn't a freezer just a tiny fridge like they have in dorms. It's my pit stop between the store and the smoker. If it was the freezer it would hold for about 2 to 3 days.

Tell ya what I never smelled anything so bad as these bad ribs! And I grew up knee deep in cow poo, chicken poo and pig poo. Egh!
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We left 25# of ribs over night in the car once during the 4th of July weekend. ended up with burgers and brats, guests were not happy. I feel for you.
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I have lost two freezerloads and a freezer in the past four or five years, and nobody to blame but myself.

The freezer was sitting about a foot away from the basement wall and plugged into a rececptical that is about four feet off of the floor on the wall behind it. Well... some idiot decides to lean a few boards salvaged from a job against the wall for a possible future shelving project. Yep, the boards fell over to the side and caught the freezer cord just right (or wrong), Maybe a couple of weeks passed before it was discovered. The clean up was not too bad, but what a waste.

We had a three or four day outage a couple of years back and while we knew what was in the freezer we couldn't begin to make a dent in the food in the amount of time that was involved. We had to use up what was in the fridge to start and we didn't really figure that the power would be out that long. It is also a little different preparing food without power. I do have a generator, but not set up to run everything for a week at a time.

The lost freezer was because I neglected to clean the gutters and repair a bent portion that was damaged by a tree branch that fell against it right above my exterior basement steps. A couple days of rain put the water level in the basement high enough to kill the freezer.

The only thing that is kind of good about it was that I lost mostly stuff from the garden and some game that was given to me. Other than the containers that I pitched and the freezer in the end, I didn't loose alot of money.
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