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Pictures of my butt haha

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Ok, I finally got my ET-73 yesterday, and I figured what better way to break it in than on my first butt? Its 6.5 pounds, the biggest they had and its pretty good looking if you ask me, but Im not sure if its optimal. Most of the butts at the store were pretty lean, or as lean as pork comes, so i got the one with a decent cap and pretty fatty marbeling. Let me know what yall think. Its going to be a long night, and im going to take pics quite often just to make ya'll hungry. Haha, i'll keep everyone updated the best i can. here are some pics of it so far. Wish me luck
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Looks good,keep us posted ,we all love those pics drool slurp wipe PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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So far, so good there skinnerc06... keep us posted!
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Oh ya!
Nice chunk of pig you got there!
Can hardly wait for more pics!
Do us good my man!
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Looks nice, and it's going to smell real good.
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Nice hunk-o-pork there skinner, let know how it turns out!
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Looks like it is going to taste great! Keep us posted on how it comes out.
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Well alright! Put the butt on 2 hours ago... smokin hickory at 225 and holding well.. Gunna be a long night.... Heres the thing.. i have not moded my smoker at all. Straight up feedin it coals and chips for 14 hours... Im hardcore like that. I feel that the more work i put in to the smoke, the better it'll turn out, but i guess we'll see. My new ET-73 is readin 227 right now and im fine with that. When it gets to 225, ill lite a new stack and reset it.. I got nothin better to do than to feed my fire all night.. maybe all day hahah... call me a lamo, but im addicted to smokin good barbeque. Tomrow around 12, im gunna throw on a half turkey for all those petite little girls who watch their weight haha.. Should turn out well, at least i hope so... gunna take pictures every once in a while when i spritz the butt. My mix is 2 parts apple juice, 1 part jack daniels and a quarter cup brown sugar. Had more jack daniels earlier but got a little bored watchin the temp and made a drink,,, oops.. Ill keep posted! get ready to drool ya'll
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Ok so its late... REALLY late. My dogs asleep and thats sayin alot cuz hes a jack russell.. He's usually awake guarding the house. 3 hours in and the temp is lower than i would like.. I didnt get a chance to let the butt rest at room temp as long as i would have liked but i was anxious. I want everyone to know that my smoker is completely UNMODIFIED, and i am very unexperienced haha.. All i know is, the temp is at 230 and i am monitoring the temp very closely. Its going to be a long night/day but my friends are actually paying me to eat over here tomrow afternoon, so i hope i dont dissapoint them. Im ghappy to read that butts usually come out well, i dont want to dissapoint anyone. I built this dinner up very big, maybe more than i should have haha. Anyways, its going o.k. and i will take pics next time i spritz the butt. If yall have any suggestions/information to help my smoke, please dont hesitate to share. I really dont want to dissapoint everyone. Thanks
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Wassup ya'll... I admit, i was a little bored earlier.. Here are some updates on my first butt... idunno how much longer i can wait.. Im guessing about 8 hours hahah. Here are some pics of the butt about 6-7 hours in. Let me kinow if yall think it looks ok. If not, i will make adjustments.
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It's looking great. Go by temperature and all will be well. Your patience will be rewarded with some awesome tasting Q. I think you will some very happy friends.
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Lookin' good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Stay in the zone and keep your mind on the prize.

I have a big smoke tomorrow so I know how you feel.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product..... PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Looks good Skinner, whats your meat temp? good lookin bark, almost looks donePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Are you making heat adj. with your air intake? Try using wet chunks instead of chips, keep us updatedicon_mrgreen.gif
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Ok, been about 8-9 hours... Cant quite remember when i put her in, oops... Anyways, heres the deal. Bout 2 hours ago, i had trouble gettin the temp up to optimal range, for me (215-235), my smoker is basic and difficult to maintain temp. It was too cool for a while, so i split some oak i had in the yard about a year old and already moist. Now, the temp in the smoker is 223, and that is good enough for me. I guess u could say i empravised and constructed a "mini stick burner".. good thing is, smoke is perfect consistency and temp is holding quite well. Meat temp is 157 and rising very slowly. When it hits 165, ill wrap, spritz and throw it back on. I think this is the right process but please tell me otherwise if i am wrong. When it hits 195 in the foil, ill take it off the smoke, and put in insulated cooler for a couple hours. Im pretty sure i read this on the forum, hope its the right process. Remember, this is my first butt, and i believe the only way to learn is to do. Will take pics next time i open it to spritz with my a.j mixture. Talk to yall in a bit.. p.s. if yall didnt notice, im ubsessed with this forum. Im turning into Deejay hahah.
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Oh, it's pork!
I was really hesitant to look. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
Looks good though.
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HAHA hope the title didnt throw anyone off. Update: About an hour and a half ago, the butt hit 165... finally... I pulled it off and rapped it too fast to take pictures, i wanted to preserve all the heat i could. Right now its at 181 and holding very well.. I believe this may be my first experience with the "plateau" but hey, i got nothin but time hahah. Smoker at a steady 228. Ran out of hickory, so i chopped up some oak i had and put it in there to replace it. I think it might be a while before it reaches its final temp of 195. its just barely creepin. I gotta bone-in-turkey breast on there now with the butt, about 7 pounds. Smoking the turkey at a little lower temp than i would like, but i dont think it will hurt nothin. Oh and get this, my mom just had serious foot surgery and is unable to walk for about 2 weeks. I've been takin care of her. Guess what her brother sends us today??? A 8 pound pre-smoked brisket!!! HAHA. I guess i better start inviting people over now to eat all this food. Ill take as many pics as i can.
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Everything is sounding good but "forgot to take pics" isint going to work buddyPDT_Armataz_01_35.gif keep it up, give us final pics n details and i wont hold it against ya PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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