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Ultramag's BDS

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During the 1st Annual SMF Gathering we got a personalized tour of Ultramag's BDS Jumbo smoker. He only lives a quarter mile down the road from the gathering site.
It is a BIG drum smoker. Well thought out, simple actually. Simplicity is the thing that makes a lot of great things great.
That puppy can hold some meat and go for the long smoke! If you are looking for capacity the BDS Jumbo is your smoker.
Since "Littlemag" got Dad a new smoker for Father's Day, wonder if Dad will get him a LDS (Little Drum Smoker) for his birthday??? PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Glad you enjoyed the tour Mike. That LDS would be funny. Maybe we should make him one out of a little 1 lb. propane bottle. I think since the gathering he may be eyeing a Lang though. Can't blame him, it would make a nice addition to the BDS.
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I was looking a the BDS awhile ago and wondered how you got the meat in and out? Sounds silly but I am only 5"2" tall and a full 55 gallon dump comes almost up to my... er well .... pretty high! redface.gif
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In your case, standing on a little step stool would be my guess. icon_biggrin.gif They do load through the top as it looks. My wife is about your height and I took a pic of her standing in front of my Jumbo when I got it. I never put it on here or uploaded it even I don't think. I'll run it down and put it on here, it'll be good for a laugh if nothing else.

The lowest rack is about 30" of the bottom though so it is not quite the reach you would think. There is a tool included to reach down and shake or remove the charcoal basket.
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You were right Debi, there it is almost up to her .....er wells. biggrin.gif She is 5' 2" to 5' 4", I can't remember at the moment. Anyway, here is the pic:

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I'm guessing this isn't a good smoker for us little folks - we'd have to climb in to get the Q out!

I don't even have to bend over to get stuff out of my SMoke Vault Vertical! Did have a little trouble getting to the bottom shelf on my ECB though.
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