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Bacon - Take two!

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Second attempt has just begun, i have about 5 lbs of pork belly curing as of tonight, hope to cold smoke it on Saturday.

Made a dry cure of about 1 lb brown sugar, 1 lb salt, and 1/4 lb white sugar. Then about 3 tbs black peper.

On one of the bellys I rubbed some mustard, then the cure, on another belly I just used a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, then the cure.

Finally I also have about 3 lb of loin where I though to be adventurous, and took about 5 tbs of above mentioned cure, 3 tbs salt, then some cherry brandy and some Indonesian (spicy) chili sauce.

Choose these days to start, even though its getting a bit hot outside to cold smoke, hoping that maximum temp of 40 C will still be just about ok..
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I have yet to try bacon, but I am going to soon!! I cannot wait to hear how it turns out!
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hello hello.
im curious as to how the mustard rub works out on belly...icon_eek.gif
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That's something I have never tried... Keep us informed how it all turns out!
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And here finally is the result. Started smoking 10 am saturday, tended the fire and kept it in smoke until 10 pm at night, where upon I made sure there was enough fuel on the fire, and enough wood in the smoke chamber.

Here are the pictures..

Attachment 3313Attachment 3314Attachment 3315Attachment 3316Attachment 3317

I'm going to Chicago on Thursday for a few days, any good eating up there?
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Looks good!
How does it taste?
Gotta be awesome!
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I cut the loin up nice and thick and fried it up and it was great!! Just salty enough and plenty of smoke!!

The belly I haven't cooked yet, I did cook up a cured but unsmoked belly with some fried eggs this morning, and that was good eating!! Nothing beats good bacon for breakfast!

I would encourage all and any to try cold smoked bacon!!
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Yep I'll second that , looks great Herr Tulpe PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good Job Herr Tulpe! Can't wait to see the bacon!
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Photos will be coming! Have been travelling for the last two weeks!

I got back on Friday, and for the weekend, I had bacon three meals a day.. My wife thinks I am crazy, but I loved it!!
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