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Fathers Day Goodies

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I made a pretty nice haul for Fathers Day.new meat accesories,and something to get rid of used bones.
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Nice addition to the family, Dac...... Whats the little guys name?
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Good question Fish,Ihe doesnt have one yet,how about some suggestions.Hes half Bouvier/half black lab.
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Looks like you cleaned up. That's a neat looking bone disposal you got there. Has a smoky look to his outer finish. Could smoke wind up as part of his name!!!
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How about Smokey?
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Congrats David nice tools and cute pup! I just can't resist a puppy!

Great minds think alike Chad I was going to suggest Smoky too!
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Glad you enjoyed your day David. Sounds super to me.
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I got a traditional tie from my youngest grand-daughter!!

Best tie I have as far as I'm concerned. cool.gif
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A friend of mine had a Bouvier ... looked like a lion cub to him, so he called him Lioness or Lyness for short!
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cool gifts. i got an apron, a pair of oven mitts, and a 2-pc baster brush set.
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yea, I didn't get anything for the smoker this year....but did get a 3.5 cubic foot cement mixer I've been wanting for some time.....makes it alot easier then mixing in a dang wheelbarrel!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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i think smokey is a good nameicon_biggrin.gif
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Nice haul dacdots... I especially like the bone disposal unit! I agree, Smokey really seems to be the name for that cute little feller.

For Father's Day, I usually get the gift of doing what I want to do... like going fishing or whatever. This year, I went to a big slot car race in Gaithersburg, MD. I had fun, got whupped up on and lost, but really had fun. Afterwards, I went home to my lovely bride, mixed up some martinis and hit the pool.

Great day!
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Smoky or Meat
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How about Butch, short for butcher. Since you seem to be the wealth of knowledge on cutting meat, sausage making etc. just my 2 cents
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I like Smokey, or how about Bones...?
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How about ' Dutch ' or ' Jeff ' ? icon_smile.gif

Was also thinking about trying to incorporate some part of ABT .... hmmmm?
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Since my Pappy's Day was spent partially out of town the wife waited til yesterday to "give" me my present (I had to drive with her to pick it up). I had mentioned that I wouldn't mind having one of the Char-Griller Duo's with a SFB... Well that's what I got. Pics when I get it seasoned and fired up.

Thanks to Mama!
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HawgHeaven you have inspired me.I wanted to give him a French name due to the breeds roots in France,so I give you Smokey Beaux [Bo]. Thanks for everyones help.
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I have decided to call my offset " Ironsides" ... can't remember if that was a fighting ship or a steam engine? ... no matter I like it! biggrin.gif
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