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Thermometer install - Page 2

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Sweet! Thanks, Hawg! I just picked up 2 of them at Wal*Mart - now I just need to stop at Lowes and grab the right size hole bit. I'm doing this mod ASAP so I'm ready for Saturday's ribs!
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Glad I could help! Hey, if you haven't done so already, while you are at Lowes, pick up a piece of 3.5" flexible dryer vent hose and a hose clamp and do the chimney mod:
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I found a thrmometor at walmart too that said i needed a 7/8 hole but i asked everyone in walmart and no one knew the conversion (if there is one) and they didnt have a drill bit that size. Any one know what i need to do? I want to get this installed ASAP too, I am cooking for a friend of mine that is pregnant and due in about 2 weeks. It might be bad for my health if the food isnt ready when she comes over.
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What does the chimney vent do?
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The hole saw that AMMJR mentioned is exactly what I used.

The vent hose runs from the chimney stack down to just above the grate surface. This keeps the hot air and smoke from just sweeping over the meat and out the chimney.
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Do you have a couple other pictures so i can better understand?
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Not right now, but I'll see what I can get for ya'...
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did you check at academy? i bought both of mine at my local academy. i bought the 2" model, it only needs a 3/8" hole.
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