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My first smoke...

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I was in the market for a smoker and was doing all the research trying to figure out which type I wanted to get and ended up having a friend give me an ECB that he bought and never took out of the box...

So since I had never done any smoking I wanted to do something inexpensive and easy so I decided to go with Jeff's meatloaf...

I seasoned the ECB on Saturday to get that out of the way.. No problems doing that so I smoked the meatloaf today.. MMMMMM Damn that is some good meatloaf.. Learned a lot about keeping the temp consistent so I think my next en devour will be a pork but and some ribs...

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there..
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Good job Rex -

Smoke really does something good to meatloaf or just abot anything else too! You on you way to a wonder life as a smoke junkie!

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Tis some good meatloaf for sure! I'm going to do one some time this week if I get the time.
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