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crispy chicken skin can it be done?

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i have cooked whole chickens twice now on my lang smoker using a non sugar dry rub with apple juice white vinegar and water, 25% 25% and 50%. cooking it at 250 -275.
is there a way to have non rubbery tough skin, i could barely chew it what should i do?
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You know, I was wondering the same thing. I smoked a whole chicken yesterday, and the skin was rubbery. I think tossing it on a grill, rotisserie, or just bumping up the heat to say 300-350 for the last 30-45 minutes might do it. I think the thing with the skin is that it never gets hot enough to crisp up.

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I'm with Stars! Poultry doesn't work good at low temperatures it's always rubbery and it takes so long it's sometimes dry.

Crank it up to 275 °F to 350°F whatever your smoker ca do and make a great smoked bird with nice edible skin!
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It can be done

I cooked a 4 lb chicken the other day. After smoking it for two hours I turned up the heat to 400 and finished it off. Crispy skin, good smoke flavor, and very juicy if you be sure to let it rest before carving.icon_smile.gif
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I smoked a turkey breast at 325-350 yesterday and skin was crisp. as Debi said I think you need the higher temps for crispy skin. The higher temps didn't detract from the bird either, it was nice and moist (brined first) and nice smoky taste even though it was only in the smoker for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
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Guess I'm just lucky cause my chicken skins are always crispy with moist tender meat inside.

I don't use traditional rubs on my chickens - more so what I would use if baking it in the oven.

Butt can method is great and spritzing (pineapple/apple juice mix) every 30 minutes seems to work for me. Smoke on the lower rack of my GOSM with a temp of 250 to 300. Look around on the forum to see pictures of some of the birds I have smoked.

Just me and the dog eat the skin and she never complains. icon_wink.gif
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ty all 4 the help do u all no the min temp u can hold and get crispy skin.
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my little electric smoker couldn't achieve temps above 225 at the best with food in it, when doing chicken in it, if I wanted crispy I would crank up the oven and move it from the smoker just prior to being done....
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Skin is bad for you anyway. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

So why is bad so good? I have to stay away from it, due to cholesterol issues, but when I put a chicken on the Rotisserie, it sure is tempting.
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I don't think you can achieve crispy skin much under 300º unless you finish it off on a medium hot grill.

BTW I didn't see you in Roll Call ... so welcome to SMF from another Ontarian ( Woodstock ) Howdy neighbor! Perhaps you could slide over to Roll Call and introduce yourself, so everyone can welcome you proper!

Glad to have you with us ... you get that biz going and I'll be up to see you!
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Welcome to SMF!

Over Father's Day weekend, I smoked 2 beer butt chickens at 275, then cranked it up to 300 near the end. They were crispy, juicey and very tasty!
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Dude, not being a crabby old guy (but I CAN be), BUT -

We're big kids here, no hand held toys. It's Ok to type the entire word.
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Right on Hawg! icon_idea.gif
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so if i go 310 - 325 i'll be good . on sat i'm going to smoke up 10 chickens
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Smoking Canada Up -

Yes that'll work. I read your first post at leat 6 times before I figured out what you were saying. I thought they were typos but now I see it must be some sort of text messaging shorthand.
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lol sorry

lol i'm sorry
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Yes that will work ... good luck!

Keep us posted eh?
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I have not tried smoking a chicken, but in the oven I spray my chicken with Pam before baking.... the skin is to die for :)

Lisa tongue.gif
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Hi, this is my first post,so ya'll can take it or leave it,but i find if i sear the chicken for a lil bit over my firebox grill then hitting it witha a 1 third vinegar 1/3rd oil ,1/3rd beer(lil butter) baste then moving it to the smoke side to finish cooking at 250 degrees works pretty good. I use the mesquite charcoal in my firebox, then smoke with pecan wood. Aint too shabby !!! Happy Smokin-----Mike D
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Hey Watery eyes, I just noticed, the buck in your cross hair, looks like you are gonna give him one hell of a head ache, but I think, if you want thicker soup, you better drop down a bit! just joshin you! Good luck on your hunt. I need to make some jerky from last years buck, hunting season is coming up fast. Terry
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