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Got 14 July off. Gonna do the 1+45 hr drive to Grand Rapids for the BBQ comp, meet them, and cheer 'em on! Ain't gonna miss this one.
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You'll need to quit msi-spelling that word! icon_razz.gif
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Rilly, Rilly, Rilly

Some people just gotta pick your words apart don't they?! Rilly makes ya feel wunnerful inside... Thanks for the korekshun smokeoke.. I onle got a D in speleng so ma and pa got me hukt on foniks.. and it werkt for me!
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Em foniks is rilly wunnerful, us Ozarkers cudna made it in this worl wifout em.
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Sounds like a great time, Disney World takes precidence this year though. I haven't seen any specific directions about the brisket...Is there another thread stating how it's done???
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Ya'all know that other semi famous grilling and smoking site (the one w/ the red borders)? Well seems they had a get together in Dallas....but theirs was at a restaurant.

The post that started the thread that eventually led up to the get together was titled "Finally, real Q in Dallas".

Guess that shows what those folks are all about! Must be none of ;em know how to cook.

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Well! I am appalled at such a statement!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

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Me too, it sounds like she needs to get her priorities right. icon_wink.gificon_twisted.gif
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I bet the mouse can put out some pretty mean Q... The specific directions are locked up tight in SmokyOky's head. No way he's gonna give up that soon to be famous world class brisket method. Not for a gazzillion dollars.

Maybe if you ask him for the specifics. He's really a pretty good ol' boy.

Have a great time at Disney World when the time comes
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Welllll...I had a great time! To be honest, I was a little reluctant to attend at first...kind of my husband's circle, ya know...I like to let him have his "crew" biggrin.gif...BUT I'm so glad I did attend, and everyone was SUPER nice! The FOOD was fanTASTical! cool.gif

I couldn't stop eating the smoked salmon and crackers, and the ABT's....well, I could've eaten several more, but I didn't want to embarrass myself by taking the last one on the plate...

That pulled pork sandwich that Jeff and I shared right before we left Saturday was completely yummy...

My favorite side...probably the slaw. (THANKS for the recipe, Mike and Janie [sp?])

The kids had a good time, too...thanks Theresa and Bud for allowing them to crash your RV (both to cool off and prevent some boredom). smile.gif
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i am glad to hear that the SMF Annual Gathering was such a huge success....

i fired up my smoker and smoked a maple fattie and a rack of ribs... was dreaming of being with you guys through my own blue smoke
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I forgot that I had the finished pics of SmokyOky's wunnerful brisket, pulled pork, and Dutch's Beans.

The now legendary brisket:

Pulled Pork:

And last but not least, we had to make Dutch's bean to honor our long time moderator and head SMF recipe creator Dutch:

Tim, you put out one hell of a fine spread for Sat. afternoon and night. Starting with snacks and appetizers right on through the main course. It was quite a treat. Thanks for your generousity with the group.
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I'll second that Chad. Had a pulled pork and a brisket sammie for dinner today, it was great even if it was warmed over. Thanks SmokyOky
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Woo Hooo!

A big ditto from me ... it was tough not being there!

So... is it same time, same place next year or ...?

It's a long trip for a weekend ... but I'm sure I could make it work!

Congratulations to all that could make it ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif ... I think I speak for all that could not be there, that they all wish they could...

Kudos to all that made it a success! ... and thanks Jeff for all that you do!
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I try to think of it as having the grace to save someone else that same embarrassment.icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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There should be more considerate people like us. Great minds think alike.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Plan ahead. Make it a vacation (or holiday as some folks say). There are a lot of other things to do in the area before or after if it happens at the same location. As Barker sez, Come on down!
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"Tim, you put out one hell of a fine spread for Sat. afternoon and night. Starting with snacks and appetizers right on through the main course. It was quite a treat. Thanks for your generousity with the group."

Amen, bro.

What Shortone said! One more sammie and it's gone, dang!
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Hey You All,

Made it home a short while ago. Only thing we can add is "What they said!". Won't try to repeat what all of the esteemed attendees had to say - It was absolutely the Best!

Please, a special thanks to all that attended: Appreciate you not running me out of Clinton Missouri for "rib abuse!!!". Thanks especially for the help Steve, Chad, Mike and Joe extended in fixing generators and jacks that did not work........and making sure we made it out of Dodge.

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Loved the ribs! Great lickin' on the ground where Dad dropped the whole gull dang pan of 12 racks!

Also, thanks for who ever gave me the rib bones - send more......Mom and Dad won't give me any more.

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