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Another offering to the fatty gods

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Well I must admit after cookin my first fatty last week, I am addicted. I tried out the cheapest fattiest plain sausage and made it truly amazing. Here is a pic of one I cooked last night. I made it with a red bell pepper and used mrs Dash onion medley for spice in the cream cheese. I have 6 more on the smoke right now and will post pics of them later on this thread. On those I used a peblano pepper cream chees garlic, diced onions and maple cured bacon to wrap. Attachment 3068
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That is some good lookin sausage. I haven't done a fatty yet. It would appear that I should make that my next project.
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C&C -

Looks great! There is no limit to what you can do to a fatty! Welcome to the club!


You've got to try it. Smoking them does something amazing to a breakfast sausage. Most people here use Jimmy Dean. I love the hot ones. Last week I mixed 6 of them together with high temp cheese, onions, peppers, and diced potatoes it was a meal in and of itself!

There good with shreaded apples stuffed in a cresent roll dough too ....

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Good looking fatty!! Those things are addicting. I do them every smoke just for snacks and sammies. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yummy.....you seem to be taking the "emeril" approach to a simple fatty thou....... just the plain ol jimmy dean smoked makes a great sausage patty on a breakfast sandie.......oh yea......... icon_mrgreen.gif
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My next thing too, id never heard of this untill i got onto this forum, so you just get a tube of jimmy dean sausage or a pound or 2 of sausage put something in it and grill or smoke it? it looks good and heart clogingbiggrin.gif im thinking if i put a tube of jimmy dean on the grill its going to shrivel up into a dried up little hot dogbiggrin.gif be my luck tho but i need more details or is it as simple as it looks?
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Chrish you can smoke them straight out of the package if you like and they dont shrivel up. Throw you a pan of biskets in there to go along with it.
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yup, no shrivel at all.......and man they taste DAMN good.......you will never hit mcd's for a sausage egg mcmuffin ever again in your life!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif it's really easy, open, place on smoker....225 3 hours, flip after 1.5 hours.....that's basic....but temp probe just to be safe!
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I always roll mine around on a big piece of paper with dry rub on it. Makes it so much easier to handle.
I have a British guy doing tile here at my house and I gave him a meat loaf and we talked about smokin' stuff. He'd never heard of smoked meat loaf but loved it.
He likes putting whole hard boiled eggs in the middle of his meat loafs. I would imagine 2 harb boiled eggs rolled into a fattie would be tasty!
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Paper Wrapper

Hey Keywesmoker....are you saying you wrap you fattie in paper with rub on it and then put it in the smoker with the paper on it? I take it the smoke penatrates the paper and still get to meat? If this is how it works that sounds like a great idea.

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Bob, no. I use a piece of parchment or newspaper, sprinkle dry rub on the paper, then put the sausage down and shake more dust all over it, pretty heavy. Then you can pick them up! When it's covered, toss the paper. It's just a disposable thing, something less to wash. Capische?
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No he just rolls the sausage on a paper to get all the rub on it.
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i spray oil aluminum foil. never thought of adding rub yet. this is my version of a fattie dubbed "the centipede" http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...daycook011.jpg thats 2 jimmy deans 1 top,1 bottom, flattened. the kids made it look like that.
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what hies saying is too put down a sheet of waxed paper and roll the fatty on it while putting the rub on it,

i liked the idea of the red bells in it plus id probly add some onion and maby mushrooms like portabella's in the center.
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I got you now. That is still a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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Anything goes with a fatty guys! No holes barred!
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Fatties rule!
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I'm loving the sound of the FATTY. I've gotta try this out!
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Yeah, smokin' a fatty................. my mind drifts back.......... OOPS!
A fatty hot off the smoker is one of life's little pleasures. You can hardly eat just one. PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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Sorry for not responding earlier.....but thats a fine looking Fatty.

Excellent job and a definite inspiration!!! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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