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todays menu

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for today's menu we havebeef rack of rib,a double fattie,brats, & dogs fer the baby id fussy i'm tired & the night is short- i will fill this in tomorrow.. it's hell being a new daddy again(after a 11 year break)
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Congrats Gypsy. This time will be easier - you know what to expect.
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Hehe Gypsy, good luck with the babe. My youngest is 10 and I don't think I couldn't do it again, no wait, I KNOW I couldn't do it again.
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ok here's the q-view. everything was soaked in honey brown beer,ribs rubbed w/ weber's sweet & tangy rub,bolner's fajita spice, & garlic pwdr. the fattie was stuffed w/ cheddar,pepperjack & my own smoked garlic paste. the girls got a hold of it & we call it a centipede as you can see from the pics. and thats me as the"hawaiian pit warrior" (don't ask).
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Great looking Q Gypsy and the new smokee is adorable! Glad to see you've got some help with that new bundle of joy - they can be a handful!
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had to bump this to show off the girl's centipede. ok ok had to show off the "hawaiian pit warrior". lmao
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GREAT LOOKIN PICS gypsy and congrates on the future pitmaster! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Only problem........Ya didn't have a "cold one" in the self pic wink.gif
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Awesome looking grub gypsy! Congrats again on the newest member to the clan !!
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Great lookin' grub Gypsy! Congrats on the newest addition, she is a sweetheart, even if she does keep you up all night! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats on a great looking smoke and the new one. Both can offer alot of fun.
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thank you all - gonna have to get her a mini sized smf apron or shirt. heheicon_razz.gif
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Nothin' worng with being a proud papa there gypsy! She's a cutie!
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