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Shoulder Help

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I just got back from the butcher with 2, 4 pound shoulders that I'm going to smoke up for the festivities that is the Fathers day/U.S. Open Sunday...
I've already put a rub on one of 'em and stuck it in the fridge but was looking to get a little creative with the second....
anybody got any suggestions about what I can do with the other?
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I do my pork only one way.....a coating of mustard and then a good rub.

I have been playing with the idea of using a dark mustard one time, but don't like messing with success.

You might try using an injection if you have the equipment...... PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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I'm new to shoulders... when you coat it with mustard are you putting regular old yellow mustard on it?
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injecting it would be the only other thing i can think of.
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Yes. The rub adheres to the mustard allowing a good coat. The mustard will cook away and can not be tasted. Helps the meat obtain a nice bark also!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I've never done a shoulder, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn.........

I always do butts and one time, note the ONE, I cut slits in the top and shoved slivers of fresh garlic in the holes. Wasn't too bad. The garlic really didn't disperse like I thought it would. When you got close to the garlic you could sure tell. Don't do much, just try a few holes, easy to find when pulling.

When I prep my butts I use regular mustard, tried others and was no difference. I'm not a real big fan of plain mustard, so this last time I used enough to just barely cover very very lightly w/mustard and then put whorchest sauces and rubed together all over. I liked it better, thinned out the mustard to get in all the cracks of the butt(pun intended). Then I loaded it down w/a cajun spice rub.......twice! My fav so far for butts/pulled pork. But then again, I am always try'n something different. Next time might be soysauce, beer, rum, who knows. I don't like do'n the same thing two smokes in a row.

good luck
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Hey Thanks a Lot... I'm going to try that out.
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I guess I'm different. I like honey mustard followed by Legg's Maple flavored sausage seasoning as a rub. I have tried others but I always come back to this.
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We all have our own favorites Billy. I've never tried honey mustard Sounds like i'd be good on pork. I make dijon mustard by the quart and use that alot.
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