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Wood and lump charcoal?

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Good afternoon friends,

I have a smoke planned for Father’s Day (tomorrow) and typically I use lump charcoal piled in my firebox which has worked well. Of course I’ve draped my soaked chips throughout the smoke, however I was wondering how to smoke by only using wood for the fire. At this time, all I have available is the Hickory wood chunks from the Home Depot which are a little larger than a fist. Are these ignitable in a charcoal chimney? They seem awkward to “pile†and light because of their shape. Once lit and flaming, should the flames stay lit or would they die down? If wood chunks are used for the fire, I would assume smoke would follow so would using soaked chips be redundant? Lastly [whew] PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif – can I combine wood and lump charcoal?

Thanks a lot for the insight!

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i use kingsford charcoal, and wood splits. i do not soak my wood (splits or chunks, when i use them). i keep mine flaming. if the fire goes out, you can get creosote going. i have never thought of starting chunks in the chimney. hmmm, might have to get some and try it out. the only reason i use charcoal is to get my fire going, and after the meat has took all the smoke it will, to keep my heat up. if i could use chunks to get the fire going, and then add splits for the smoke, that would be great.
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Chris -

You need one of those flame throwers like Bud and Theresa! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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debi, i am thinking of putting the burner assembly out of a lp grill in the firebox to catch the wood on fire. i am getting a char-broil lp grill from the guy that is getting my current smoker (when i finish the new one). it has a side burner that i thought of putting on it too. it is going to be gutted for parts. the wheels and handle will go on the new smoker. i will keep the racks out of it. the "cart" part i will keep, as i might need it one day. -you might have figured i am a pack rat. i keep anything i "might need one day"-
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Try starting the charcoal then putting the hickory chuncks on top , they will catch fire and burn down to coals just add more as needed, I don't even use charcoal in mine anymore just oak, maple, hickory and apple wood, I get a better and longer burn just useing wood and all my wood is pretty much free
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Chris -

That's my plan if I ever get to finish my smoker. Got the parts for a grill from Lowes.
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