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Found some really good (Ranchers) hardwood chacoal

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I don't know about you but ever since Kingsford changed their charcoal recipe, I've been looking around for some other type. I've been using the hardwood chunks (good but a little expensive) but still miss the convenience of the briquette. I picked up some "Ranchers 100% all natural Hardwood Briquette Charcoal" at my local Home Depot. It comes in 20 lb. bags and is $4.99. Reading on the bag, it's made by The Original Charcoal Company out of Charlotte, NC. They have a web site (www.original that you may want to check out. Seems they are operating in about 17 states.... mostly in the southeast but also up into Illinois and Washington. I have absolutely no financial interest in the company but if you are like me and miss the old Kingsford briquette, you might want to give "Ranchers" a try if its available in your area. I've used it in my weber grill and also in my offset smoker and I'm now a customer. Convenient briquette with absolutely no coal smell or taste. I recommend it.
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I found some at my Home Depot I liked it worked very well. I got mine on sale for$2.99 a bag.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Thanks for the info Bill. I haven't been happy with the burn time of other briquettes when cooking in my Dutch Ovens. Plan on trying some soon if Home Depot in my area carries it.
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Figures they go to WA, IL, and IN, but stops there. None in MI. PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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i just found out there is a kingsford plant near here.i'll try to make it down & get some info & factory prices if i can this wk.
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Here is a link to a lump charcoal review site.
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Ask the manager at your local Home Depot if he will stock the item. In NY all the HD's have it and I believe there was a thread before Memorial Day on it being 2.99 a 20lb bag. You can't go wrong at that price and the stuff burns pretty good although it does produce some ash.
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They have it in AL, I used it for my first smoke last weekend. I smoked a
Butt and used the Minion Method and was very pleased with it. I paid $4.99 a bag for it but that's still bargain
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