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Basic questions about Fatty's

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Making some for the first time this week. I'm going to be using Mendolia's Italian Sausage, it's a local company here in KC and by far and away the best store bought Italian Sausage you can fine.

They are a bit on the spicy side so I was wondering about trying to sweeten them up a bit but not loose all the spice. I have seen some Cherry rubs that I would think give it some sweet flavor. I have heard some people use a brown sugar glaze they slather all over the outside. Not sure how to go about making the brown sugar glaze. i know since it's sugar it will harden/crust around the outside but not sure if I should mix it with water or just put it on.

Any suggestions as I'm new to smoking Fatty's.
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Well fattys are usually a big fat breakfast sausage like Jimmy Dean.

I can't imagine other than throwing them in a sauce how you would get rid of the spice. But that's what I usually go for. They tend to seem spicer to me when smoked. I'd smoke em up plain and throw them in a good spagetti sauce!
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Why don’t you try injecting them with a simple syrup, not as strong as maple though, or watered down honey! icon_wink.gif
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try soaking overnight in a beer like honey brown or sam adams' honey wheat w/ a tsp of brown sugar and garlic.... i wouldn't do a fattie outta italian sausage or a brat- why mess w/ perfection. like debi said- i do 2 jimmy dean or generic sausages,stuff w/ cheddar,provalone,jalapenos,&smoked garlic, wrapped & pic'd (toothpicked)w/ slab bacon(looks like a centipede)and splash guinness or killian's red over the top. comes out great....
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