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gypsy's pooter shooter pintos

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2lbs. pintos(remove rocks & split beans),1/2 medium yellow onion,1/2 bulb(4-6 cloves)smoked or roasted garlic (mashed not diced),2tbsp cumin(comino),1 can medium rotel tomatoes,3 smoked or cured ham hocks,1/8 cup bolner's fiesta spice,and 2tsp banking powder(if ya don't want the after fragrance). pour all in together, cover w/ 8" of water and bring to a boil,pull back to a simmer for 5-8 hrs-adding wateras needed/stirring occassionally.when the ham hocks fall separate w/ a spoon simmer 1 more hour. rest overnight & reheat the next day. day 3 reheat w/ scrambled eggs,bacon,skin on roasted cheddar cheese potatoes & wrap in a tortilla.
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Sounds good Gypsy, one thing you texans can do is make good pintosPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I never even liked beans until i went to texas for a deer hunt and got them served with every meal........brisket n beans, i've been hooked ever since!!!
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Sounds realllt tasty!
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LOL before I moved to TX. I never even heard of pinto beans. I got a job at a pallet yard for a while and they ALWAYS had a crock pot going full of pinto beans. Now it's the only beans I'll eat. MMMMmmmmm beans and corn bread.
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Sounds good Gypsy! Yeah beans and skillet cornbread - yummmmm
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mmmmmmmmm m good

Really sounds like a wonderful recipe for pinto's there gypsy and i must say you do have a unique name for them. That is one i am not gonna forget anytime soon. Thanks for sharing

USMC Retire.....ooorahhhhhhhhhhhh
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aloha bill from refugio. ex port aransas boy here.
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MMMMMMM......Pintos! Love "Beef 'n Beans". Chopped brisket in a cup with bbq'd pintos. Now I know what I'm doin this weekend! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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Gypsy, that sounds real good! Thanks for sharing! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hey crew - try throwing in a bit of a bacon wrapped fattie into the beans the next day... mmm,mmm,gooood.
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Mighty fine idea, will give it a try!
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Got me to thinking about my experience growing up north of the border ... the only beans to be found in chilli were 'kidney' beans, however over the years pinto found it's way here. Strangely enough, kidney beans are still popular here icon_redface.gif but not with me.
Then I discovered black beans ... and now they are my personal favorite ... yum!
Any of you guys like them?
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Cuban style black bean soup with smoked pork hock, a dab-o-sour cream... tongue nirvana!
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Have ya got a recipe for that friend?
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try these to keep you warm...
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try that w/ my cuban pressed sammie recipe & shrimp bisque dipping soup on a cold winter day- oh yeah....
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Man...a new pinto bean recipe. YEEHAAW!! I will have to give it a try. Over here in Africa I cook the boys pinto beans and sausage served over rice. Of course with a few secret ingrediants added. The boys from the UK and Europe do not cook like this. They will ask.." Ahh mate, when you gonna cook some more of those Texas beans?" Of course I oblidge them. Thanks again for the new recipe!!
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yw.. can ya get rotels shipped over there ??
p.s. where in afrika ?

and if ya can't get hocksor fatty to add- try waterbuffa fat or antelope knuckle seared...just a chunk- it works too.
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Yes we can get a form of rotels over here. Most of our supplies come from Portugal or South Africa. But not to worry gypsy, my check-in luggage may have 1 or 3 articles of clothes. The rest is spices, seasonings and such. Also hot sauces and any other thing I think we may need. The menu we come up with varies to say the least. The other night 3 diffirent groups of guys cooked as we were on our 1/2 day off. The fare was grilled steak, chicken, my beans sausage and rice, and chinese dumplings. And of course Super Bock beer. 5.5% alcohol and boy did my head hurt Monday morning. Must have been the chicken..LOL. We also make a lot of Thai chicken curries, using red, green and yellow curry paste. One of these days I am going to add sum-sum (a papaya salad) to the recipe section. Next hitch over I will cook some of your beans and also some of Dutch's. I know they will be a hit. Keep the fire burning and the TBS coming. I leave tomorrow for the states so you guys take care.icon_mrgreen.gif

PS...I am in Angola Africa!
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PDT_Armataz_01_35.gifPDT_Armataz_01_41.gifPDT_Armataz_01_35.gif take pics bro. i KNOW angola is hardcore.....got a cousin working for tidewater off liberia....not fun- but great bucks
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