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My GOSM is called "Susie Q", I'm just finishing up the mods on her and will have pics in a day or so. My Brinkman all-in-One ( Susie's twisted sister) is called "Miss Petunia". Since my fuel is gas, I call the bottle "Ethel". They all must be female... they SOMETIMES seem to be a PITA.
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LOL....rich, good one!
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There is only one possible name for mine "T.O.H."
The Out House (it looks like one).
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My buddies always refer to my smoker as the "Slow Poke". Cause were always sittin around waitin on it to finish. So I guess her name is Slow Poke.
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I just dumpster dove and got a Brinkman Pitmaster Deluxe last week...  I drove past him on the curb of a big house and I went back to claim him after about two minutes.  A scrapper already beat me to it.  He wanted to poad him into his scrap truck and I talked him out of scrapping such a piece of art.  I cleaned him up made new handles, expandable metal racks and wooden rack (shelf).  The scrapper let me take it and helped me load it into my truck.  I gave him $10 for his being such a great guy.  I now have a really sharp looking looking smoker.  I have named him "HOMBRE"!!!

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"Grillestate" -- 1500 square inches of grates for all kinds of smoky goodness!
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Same as my screen name, or other way around, or wait....which is it? Who's on first?




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AKA "The Philadelphia Experiment"

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I Call my WSM.. FLO

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I love the idea of naming my smoker. I've been giving it some thought and this thread has some great ideas and examples. When my kids were a little younger they (and myself too) got hooked on the cartoon series "Phineas and Ferb". My favorite character is evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz who was always inventing various "-inators". So done with my best Doofenshmirtz voice impersonation, I have named my smoker The Smokinator.
(curse you Perry the Platapus!!)

Keep on smoking.
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I started to call mine Sweetie Pie.

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I call mine Smoky! My old one is called The Queen!
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I have a buddy that is going to cut my name plate out on his plasma table... I am incorporating my nick name into the smoker name. The name of my smoker is KILLER"B"bq

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I call my Custom Built Mini WSM... "Bucko"

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Gonna call mine "WOODY".

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Originally Posted by shaggy91954 View Post

Gonna call mine "WOODY".

I'm gonna call mine shaggy! 😇
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Marlboro man?

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I tell the wife I'm going to fire up the "ole pile of bricks"   she just laughs and and ask what time dinner will be ready.

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