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Naming your smoker...

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Has anyone named their smoker? People name boats, cars, trucks, sewing machines and even certain body parts. I think a smoker deserves the same respect. I have heard tales that it is supposed to be good mojo to name your beloved smoking device.

Therefore, I am definitely going to name mine. I haven't decided on one just yet, but have a couple of strong candidates: Clarence or Leola PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif , in honor of my grandparents who were a very strong influence on me growing up.

Stay tuned...
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Sounds like an interesting idea.
I'll give it some thought as well.
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Hawg my smoker's name is General Lee.
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I concur, one's smoker should have a name. I've been thinking about naming mine for the past week and a half but have not come up with anything I like yet. Will let you know when I decide.
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I'm still throwing a couple around .....waiting for her true personality to shine through....maybe Betsy or NatashaPDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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I dubbed mine Piggly Wiggly the day i got it. Its lived up to its name so far
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I know there are a few here who have theirs named...I've pondered but I don't think I've fully realized the King Kooker's personality yet...
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I thought about naming it after its personality, but everytime its personality comes out, I mod the darn thing and it all changes! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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it seems to me that here every brinkman make & model is an ecb.with our current finances mine was not cheap lol, but as far as the name goes,until i have cooked everything on it @ least once, i call it "the brink".. because until i'm used to it, i'm on the brink of either paranoia or madness, just not sure which.
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Actually, I've referred to my little electric one as sparky a few times, maybe I'll let that stick...icon_confused.gif
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Check my Avatar tag line....... PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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'Old Smoky' ... comes to mind ... doesn't that sound original?

Kinda like 'Betsy' for a car!

I have two R2D2s and an offset ... Smoke Vault coming! It's like naming triplets ...icon_confused.gif
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"Puff the Magic Bradley" might work or perhaps "Huff and Puff",
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My ECB's name is Baby Bink, my Smoke Valult's name is Black Beauty icon_lol.gif
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Named smoker

I agree to the idea. Since I built mine, once it is finished I plan on painting the name on the side. It really is like part of the family. You create it you spend time w/ it. You clean it. And you spend money on it. Sounds alot like a child... only you dont have to save up a collage fund for it.

I have not yet decided on a name however. I will have one buy the time I get to paint it...
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I'm still trying to figure out a name for mine. I guess the whole personality thing is true.
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I like the idea. I'll have to give it some thought.
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Okay Hawg I named it.
Black Betty

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All us custom build freaks do I think hawg...
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And maybe that's why the custom folks usually name theirs... they build that in, 'cause ya have to when ya build somethingfrom scratch
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