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Need 55g help in NC

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I have drum need info/plans Please.
Have welder can burn metal.

Newton NC
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Welcome Eric -

Lots of builders here to help out. Why don't you go over to the roll call section and introduce yourself so we can greet you properly?
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In the Roll Call section.

I gave up my Meat cooking device when I moved to NC.
Have access to a 55g drum and have always wanted one.Have acess to a 20 gal tank as well possibly a wood/fire box???

Desert Storm Vet.
ASE Mechanic.
Remote Controlled Rock Crawling.

Eric Johnson
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Welcome to the SMF!!!

Keep us posted on how your BBQ build progresses.....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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maybe this can help

I have almost completed my smoker from 2 55gal drums. It is the smoker I am using now and as soon as I have time to stop by the store to pick up some more welding wire I can then finish it and paint it.. I will post more pics of it tomorrow. but you can see to make the fire box I cut 1/3 of the barrell off and welded the lid back on it. Then I used the 1/3 material to create bands to take up the gaps at the sides of the lids on both the firebox and the pit. I used 1" by 1" angle on the bottom of the doors and at the base of the opening to make it more rigid... I welded my hinges up like that because I shifted the doors up 1/4" to take the gap out of the top, Now the doors do not bind up.. I can try to draw it up and post the plans I used when I post the pics later. Hope this helps!!!
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crown and coke thanks for the pics.
I have found a nice regional drink.Drop And Beam.
Your invited for the opening of the DRUM.
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you can see my homemade smoker, i mad from a 55-gallon drum with a firebox from the char-griller smoker, in my sig pic. i am making another smoker from a 55-galon drum, with an aircompressor tank for the firebox. i am almost done with it.
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Welcome to SMF opus70!!!
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Welcome aboard the SMF Eric! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif ...It's a GREAT place to be!
Lots of great folks...eons of experience...tons of great recipes...
And...more fun than you can shake a handful of sticks at!!!
Lots of builders and lots of mods too!...
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Yeah I cant wait to find some plans and start cutting my drum.
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