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Turkey and Butt

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I was planning on doing a butt for Father's Day but my oldest daughter wants me to smoke a turkey, so I guess I'm doing both.

I've read that you usually do birds at a higher temp, but I want to keep at 225-235 for the butt.

Is it ok to cook the bird that low? I'm planning on brining it overnight.


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Check the primary web page. There is an excellent article on smoking turkey, with emphasis on the time your bird spends in the 40 to 140 degree range. You will probalbly find evertything you need right there.
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Ron -

Turkeys can be done lower but it doesn't do anything for them as far as tenderizing etc.

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Thanks both of you guys. Yes I read Jeff's article and I read what Debi said on her website. It says 30-40 mins a pound for a 12 lbs bird that's 6 - 8 hours. I know you need to be careful with poultry and bacteria so i just wanted to check to see if anyone goes that slow with it?

I plan to keep it lower in the smoker then the butt so it doesn't drip on it.
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i just did 1 yesterday staying around 225-250 but the internal never quite got to 190 so i finished with tent/foil in the oven on 350 for an hour until it hit 195 (10lb bird). http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w247/gypsyseagod/
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Throw the turkey in the oven to crisp it up if you do it low. The skin tends to get soft and rubbery at low temps not crisp.

If you do the turkey alone at say 350 you can do it in 2.5 to 3 hours. Don't forget to check the internal temps!

Orange slices are nice on Turkeys too.
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Orange slices, hmm that sounds good. I usually add some orange juice in my brine and stuff the inside with an orange cut up in 1/4's but I think some slice on the outside might be nice too.

If I put it in the oven last hour to crisp up the skin, what internal temperature should I pull it off the smoker ?
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Pull it about 140 so you have planty of time. Preheat the oven first an spray it with olive oil.

Also if you like stuffing now the time to stuff it - it's hot. Preheat your stuffing in the nukulator.
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