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Bacon's Done

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Well I fianally got to try the bacon. Turned out really good, Buckboard cure for 10 days, soaked in fresh water for 2 hours. Smoked at 225 for around 5 1/2 hours. Temp.140. I want to thank everyone for all the help with this. It was my first time doing bacon and I'm so proud at how it turned out. A REALLY BIG thank you to Debi, for giving me the extra push to try it.icon_lol.gif
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Sounds great Mike, got any pic's for us!!!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Congrat's Mike ....sounds very yummy!!! I bought the Buckboard bacon cure..... some time ago and have yet to try it, hopefully soon...maybe Septemberrolleyes.gif
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Sorry no pictures this time. My brother has the camera and he had to work.
Tonto1117: you should really give it a try, it easy to do, and it taste great. I have about 6 lbs. of bacon right now. MMMMMmmmmmm good. :)
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Great to hear it all came out well Mike! You can do it! Everything is soo much better when you do it yourself. I'm proud of you!

Big Hugs!

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Thanks Debi, so many people told me "heck it took you 6 hours I could just go to the store in 5 minutes. Yea so. But I MADE IT MYSELF!! People tend to forget that there weren't always stores around. I know what went into my bacon, do they. Plus I just made around 8lbs, of the best bacon for only 9.00 bucks, and I had a damn good time doing it.
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... And that ROCKS! Keep that bacon comin I'm hungry

Congrats and Keep Smokin
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Mike -

I get teased all the time and people roll there eyes and say there goes fanny Farmer - but you know what? I love what I do and even they love the food.

sppptt ....

sometimes I eat my smoked goodies at work just to hear them whine - especially things like ribs, pastrami, pulled pork ... LOL makes them crazy!
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i WILL be doing bacn soon - what is the best cut to do ? "i think i can i know i can" (lil' egotistical italian train)
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Shoulders are good butts are good. Which ever one is on sale is best!
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