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Babybacks in progress

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Doing some babybacks. I am taking pics but having trouble uploading. Will continue pics and work on uppload later.
Using 2-2-1 method with Bone Sucking Rib Rub. Spritzing with apple juice.
Using my new Maverick ET-73 and it sure is nice. Really having temp control with low temps due to 100 plus desert temps. Have a needle valve on order to allow for fine tuning the flame.
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Sounds good. Can't wait to see the pictures! Being that it's so hot there, can't you just put the ribs on the sidewalk to cook 'em?PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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We usually don't do sidewalk grilling until it hits 115.
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Hey Jim, I got a rack of baby backs smoking too.

Probably have another hours to go in the foil.

Keep us posted.
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Well, the babybacks are done and done for. Used Bone Suckin Sauce Thick Style as the final slather.
Tender, tender, tender. Meat jumped off the bones. A very big success at the dinner table.
I have pics and as soon as I get things cleaned up, I will work on getting the pictures uploaded.
I would call it a good day of smokin.
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I wondered that myself ... nt the sidewalk part but you could probably almost smoke without fuel or very little couldn't you?
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Congrats Jim. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.
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I had that same problem last weekend. It was so hot here that the temps were hard to keep low. I finally busted out the quick shade and kept the smoker underneath it. I also kept filling my water pan with cold water. You're right Debi. Just sitting in the sun, my chargriller will get up to about 175 degrees. Bump up the temp another 50, and you're cooking.
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Bet you could just get the wood going and smoke bacon with no fuel at all, might need an air conditioner or a fan though. Man that's awful. I couldn't take that kind of heat and summers just starting!
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Sounds like a big success! Can't wait to see the pics.
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I know it's a dry heat, "R" value is too high. I sweat when it's 70º outside if I am going up and down ladders at work.frown.gif
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Finally got the pics uploaded to my puter, but I believe I need to resize them to upload to the site.
Anyone know another easier way.
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Hopefully, here are the pics. Had to throw in a picture of my assistant Ozzy.
First pic is prior to smoking. #2 is finished product. My assistant. #4 prior to foiling. and #5 when they first entered the chamber of smoke.
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Lookin' good Jim! Looks like your helper needs to sample the goods... biggrin.gif
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Funny, I remarked to my lovely bride that I might be able to cook in my CG without using any fuel. My chamber temp was between 150 and 175 in the hot sun!
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