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Two Blondes.

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Okay, I heard this at work tonight, and felt I needed to share it. I hope nobody get offended.

There are two blondes going landscaping work for a company in a park. One blonde is digging a hole, while the other is filling the hole back in at the same time.
A gentleman walks over to them and asks,"Why is she filling in the hole as you dig it?"
The second blonde replies,"We normally have another girl working with us, but she called in sick today."
The gentleman then says, "But what is the point of digging a hole just to fill it in?"
The first one then replies,"Our friend is the one that puts the tree in the hole!"

Sorry if anyone is offended by blond jokes, but I had to tell it.
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Hehehe! icon_biggrin.gif
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Now that there 's funny I don't care who ya are
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