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Excellent overall post.....and great "Q" too...!!!
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That looks awsome! You are my hero, i have been able to smoke anything in 3 weeks now. It is just a crime to have a smoker that is empty for that long!
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How exactly do you pull the pork? I saw that one guy had some bear claw looking things but is there another way if i cant find the bear claws here in Texas?
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A couple table forks work well....and if it's tender enough...just your hands will do.
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very nice work those do look great. I have found that I enjoy a lot more smoke than others do. May be I have become less sensitive to the smoke when smoking all day. Oh well if they do not like it that means more for meicon_lol.gif
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Bear claws are not necessary, but cool none the less! cool.gif
Lots available on eBay.
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This was a great thread. Thanks Bubba for keeping us up-to-date on the process. Its 10:07pm and I'm hungry again.
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I got my bear claws on Ebay. Really cheap too.
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thanks a lot

Thanks a lot wanted to do a butt now I fell better about going forth and kicking some good butt thanks again
Good Luck and Good Smoking
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