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Yep, that is what they are; we call them meat sticks. We make 8 different flavors so far of meat sticks every season. We have yet to try Curleys snack stick mix yet, but I think my wife ordered the ingredients allready and it is on this seasons to-do list.
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I am glad that all here who have done business with Curleys have had a positive experience. I have not and to follow is my final email to him after meeting both with the local post office and my postal carrier today.
So let me see if I have this straight, You mailed my requested seasoning to the wrong address not once but twice. You basically accused me of screwing You out of Your seasoning. You sent a refund check to the correct address which You were given on the original order "certified" so that I would be out more time and money (gas) to collect, rather than just crediting my credit card. I still have no seasoning, which was the reason for me contacting You in the first place. There are a lot more “You’s†in this that “I’sâ€. Thanks for the customer service.

Daryle Coates
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Hey Dutch

hey.......anyway.......we can make this a sticky......its a great recipe......and i know others will love this method...........

HEY DUTCH.......i love bacon...........but venison bacon ROCKS

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I have found another company that sells the bacon seasoning for ground venison. I received the seasoning yesterday. When I get some venison bacon made using this other seasoning, I will post the results.
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PS Seasonings also sells the bacon mix i havent had time to try it yet but will let you know how it turns out
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I got mine from Mid-Western Research Salmonclubber.
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Boy Daryl, I think I might have given up by this point...I sure hope you like this stuff!!!!
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Shell, I was accused of being hard-headed once. Who is to say, they might have been correct.
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OK, I know I might be a little slow, but after having made as many batches of this stuff as I have. I finally used my nogg'in and saran wrapped the pan that I have the bacon mixture set up in. It is night and day difference for setting the loaf on to your smoker rack and clean up of the pan is much easier. I am feeling kind of dumb for not doing this earlier, but wanted to give anyone trying this recipe a heads up. Made buffalo and elk bacon this weekend !!!
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Gee Mossy I did that the first time around PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
Let us know how that elk-bufalo works for you!
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mossy that bacon looks great! i just got off of curlys site ,by the time i was done a hundred doller bill left my pocket. will try the bacon some sticks ,the ham, and some jerky. hope its all goodPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I have done buffalo before and it taste the same as venison, I will post how the elk is, I am just about to start slicing and nibbling !!!

Let us know how all the products turn out for ya, to date I am impressed with their products.
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Well, the elk has a little different taste to it, but still very good. I would definitely make it again !!!
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Does Elk taste more like deer or more like bufallo?
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Here are my thoughts on the meats; venison and buffalo taste more alike when comparing elk. To me all three are lean meats, elk being the leanest.

The friend (my labor free gunsmith, gotta keep him happy) that I made the elk bacon for also gave me 4 elk roasts, when I have time I plan on smoking up one or two of the roasts to compare to beef. Then I should know more about elk.
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I didn't know elk was leaner than bufallo. I alway heard bofallo was the leanest. Thanks!
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Had my first successful smoke in the new Masterbuilt yesterday doing venison bacon and it turned out Excellent! Used 13# venison and 12# pork and pretty much just followed the instructions that came with it and what Mossy posted. I'm very pleased with the outcome and that I didn't screw it up. lol
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I looked at about 15 recipes and found something missing in many of them.

The bacon gave all the ingredients except for how much side pork.

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That looks awesome!
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I know I am missing it in the post but what seasoning do I need to buy and I am hoping I can get it in Aus by the time I pay postage would be dear Bacon

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