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My guess is that unless it says "sausage" on the package, you have ground venison with nothing added. As a last resort, you might just call your bil and ask him.

I mix my ground venison 50/50 with either whole untrimmed brisket or chuck roast, but you do not get that from a processor unless you ask and pay extra.
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Thank You Goat .... I will ask and if I need to, I'll regrind it and probably use the chuck roast as you mentioned. Again ... Thank You.
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It better get here as the shipping was more than the seasoning.
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I agree...the shipping is more expensive than the seasoning, but nonetheless, I am going to make a 25# batch of the venison bacon also. Thanks Mossy!
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This looks great Mossy! Thanks, I a definitely going to try it.
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The genius at Curley's sent my seasoning to my billing address and not to the shipping address where I wanted it delivered. No problem except that it is 6 hours away, one way.
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they sure like to rub salt into the wound eh?? icon_razz.gif
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It wll all be worth it when it is in the frying pan !!!
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Billing address is 6 hours, one way, from where I wanted it shipped.
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I finally got my order straightened out today. It will arrive next week, but I have already froze the grinding meat. Oh well there is still a lot of deer season left.
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You have to make sure you get enough stuff to offset the shipping. Shipping it always starts at like $5.95 and goes up from there.
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Debi is correct.

After our original order and we knew this was a product we wanted. We order it in the largest btchest availble, 100 lb. batches. Also we have looked at and made a fewof thier other products they have.

To date; everythihg has been very good......
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MossyMo is right... we never just order the venison bacon seasoning anymore to help offset the shipping. We order at least 100lb mix of that at a time with usually a couple of other things to try. Never know for sure when you will find a winner....have to keep trying!!

Hope you enjoy as much as we do as well as our family and friends!!
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I still have not received my seasoning order and Curley's web site is temporally disabled. Is anyone here having similar problems?
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Not good ... Was just thinkin' bout orderin' sumtin'.
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Their website is working for me, I would call or email them. We have recently ordered again and have yet to have any problems with them.
Curley's Sausage Kitchen
%Keith Curley
111 Christopher Ct.
Fairbank, IA 50629
Office 319-635-2236
Cell Phone 319-464-7249
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That is strange that you haven't gotten your order yet. I would call them. They have always been great to deal with. I have called with questions and comments and they are great people.

Office- 319-635-2236
Cell Phone-319-464-7249

If there is no answer leave a message and they will call you back.
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Hhmmmm, my wife will not stop repeating me !!!
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The web site works for me now. I have talked to Curley and he is frustrated that I have not received my order. He seems to think that I am trying to screw him out of $6 worth of seasoning. I have requested that he furnish me with a tracking number as I have gone to the post office and that is what is required next. Instead of giving me credit on my credit card, Curley is sending a check by certified mail so that I will sign for it. I have no problem with that, but I have no reason to try and cheat hiim out of $6 worth of seasoning. Like I told Mr. Curley, If I like it the next order might be for $60. Mr. Curley seems to be real perplexed that my billing address is 6 hours away from where I am living and working at the time. Oh, time will tell.
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Gee Goat I placed another order of stuff from Curleys just before I left for WV and got it in 8 just days.

Hey Mossy what's a snak stick anyway? Is that like a SlimJim? icon_mrgreen.gif
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