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Thanks , if i get my hands on some deer meat I know what I'll be doing with it!
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How generous to save you two slices!

Just got my order in tonight for the spice pack. Took over a week to get here. I don't have any venison right now so I ordered the one for hamburger or pork. Hope it's as good. I was hoping to make it last weekend - it's gonna be hectic around here the next week or so,

Thanks again ...
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A week for them is uncommon. To date I have placed 3 different orders and it has taken 2 - 4 days for the order to arrive. I am kind of wondering if the USPS employee's in the upper midwest drive a little faster than the one's from the east !!!

Glad to see you are gonna give the recipe a whirl.....
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With deer season upon us I thought this might be a good time to bump this thread and give deer hunters another idea of what they could use some of thier venison for or just to give it a try.

I have also used buffalo for this with great success !!! This last summer I made up 37 1/2 pounds of buffalo bacon for my in-laws with great success and the same results.
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so WHY wasn't any of the bacon in my care package mossy........DARN

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I like it as jerky. I bought another pack of that spice to do the hamburger bacon, then sliced it and jerkied it. Best jerky I even had.
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That is right !!! Debi has turned this into what her family claims is the best ground jerky, but I have yet to make it that way; but this winter I will. Right now I am at the start of my hunting season and smoking on weekends just will not happen (often). Now is my time for obtaining meat..... When I have time between making sausage in the winter I go out coyote calling (Does anyone have a coyote recipe).... I suppose we should not go there.

Don't be surprised, there is always Christmas !!!
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Do you eat coyotes? They're like a dog aren't they?
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This stuff looks so good MossyMo! Thank you for the recipe....I'm going to try it!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks great, I really like your grinder set-up. Now I have something else to add to my list of things to do with deer meat.

Great Q-viewPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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[quote= (Does anyone have a coyote recipe).... I suppose we should not go there.

Don't be surprised, there is always Christmas !!![/QUOTE]

Coyote Recipe:

.264 mag in the head, or .22 Hornet soft point in the sweet spot.
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I am sporting a .223 w/55gr. Nosler ballistic tip followed by 21.5 grains of
Hodgdon H4198; for some reason, it seems to work.....
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great post..gonna give it a try.
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Wow, that is impressive. I've got a mule deer hanging in my shop that I may have to change my plans for...wish I had more than one.
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I have 6 deer boned out that need to be processed further and froze in the next couple of days. I would like to try some of that bacon, yet there is not enough time to order that seasoning. Are there any recommendations for a homemade spice version?
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The seasoning if ordered this week should be to you by the middle or towards the end of next week. Freeze 13 pounds of ground venison and thaw it when the seasonings arrive. I do not know of a home made recipe or an alternative.
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I am assuming that professional processing already incluces the added pork? Have about 25* from my bil in my freezer. Is there a way to check? Maybe thawing some and frying it ? Any suggestions?
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............... bump ...........
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Cajun, Are you saying that you have 25# of ground venison in your deep freeze? If so, I doubt that it already has pork mixed in with it. How is it packaged?
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Goat, some is in freezer paper (white) and the rest ls in foodsaver bags.
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