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Wednesday's Smoke

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Porn of wed. afternoon smoke. Birdy, "country style ribs", the kettle, and the backyard. Was a perfect day in S.E. Michigan for a good smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks good.
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Looks pretty good to me too. Nice job man.
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Looks good... let's eat! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Loooks great, did you use anything (seasons) special?
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Modified DeeJayDebi's poultry rub. I brined it, rubbed it with EVOO, then put the rub under the skin as well on the outside. Stuffed it with quartered apples and into the kettle. Spritzed with apple juice every hour. I find the olive oil is the ticket that gives the bird its' golden shine. Very moist!
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Thanks for the info, Plan on using it soon.

Are you a B-52 crew dog???? spent 6 years in Airforce worked on B-52G's/H's - KC-135 A's & Q's - SR-71's and RF-4 Phantoms.

Just curious.

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Yes sir...... PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Spent 8 1/2 yrs flying'em at Carswell, and K.I. Sawyer. Got alittle over 2800 hrs in them. But.....that was a long time
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Check it out ... we don't use the "p**n" word here due to spam issues.
I'd love to see your pics at a larger size, perhaps you could try Imags Shack. Looks good thoiugh. icon_wink.gif
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It was a nice day and it looks like you made darn good use of it.

I have to need pictures as big as the flavor of your BBQ.

Nice "Q" Dawg.... PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Congrats on a great looking smoke. It is so neat when your plan comes together.
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Looking Good Crewdawg!
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Sorry not great yet! What format are you using Dawg?
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Just deleted the last post. Using Adobe Photoshop. Got the pic to resize if you click on the thumby - thingy (just had to type that biggrin.gif). But the resolution is'nt as good. Here's another try..........Tried blowing it up to a larger size than what is there, but it just gets more blurry.
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Have you tried Image Shack? It will produce a thumb here that will take you to their site for the full resolution version as long as you upload it in full version.
The last one was no better BTW icon_redface.gif
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Other two with the larger size. Same results. Got the pics to enlarge, but quality and clarity go down. Oh well, still tasty.
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Will try once the better half is feeling better. Thanks for the tip. No problem resizing, just getting the clarity right is.
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Resizing quite often messes up the resolution ... it is much better to upload to a site that can handle full res that will create code to paste in forum.
I'm sending you a sample:
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