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Warning, long post. Hello again. Now for the first smoke report. I got a shoulder picnic and a couple small chickens from BJs. Saturday night I brined one chix using DeeJays recipe and trimmed the pork to what I thought was about 1/4" fat cap. Then added Meowy's rub, wrapped in plastic and refriged o/n. Sunday. First mistake was not allowing more time for the pork to warm up out of the refrig. Set the smoker up with 50/50 hickory and mesquite chips and got the temp to ~230 and the pork went in at 9:30am. Pork was 50 deg. The chix was rinsed, dryed and then sprinkled with Old Bay. Went in the smoker at about 2pm. When the chix was 140 and pork 155, I stopped the chips. Took the chix off at about 5 pm, 168 deg and let it sit with my daughter guarding it from the cats. The pork was still at 170 at 7pm, so I finished it in the oven at 250 deg. and let it rest about an hour. Easily shredded it and added Jeffs finishing sauce and into the frig for dinner tonight. Meanwhile, we ate PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif. The chix was to die for, especially the dark meat. Great smokey flavor and moist as ...well u know. Since my wife was still at work, had to beat the kids off some so there was some left for her. We have yet to truely try the pork since it was so late but it was very moist and tender. Kids were picking at it till they went to bed.
So overall I give myself a C+. Other mistakes I made were not believing it could take 12 hrs for the pork, probably leaving too much fat on the pork, not using enough rub on the pork, letting the chips catch fire once, and the biggest was not making sure my wife was home when we ate the first real Q. PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Overall, the GOSM gasser worked well. Heated very fast and started smoking within 5'. THe wind picked up in the afternoon and I had some problems with a steady temp then. It did seem that the chips went fast. I could only see visible smoke for about 45' tops per box. Is this normal? Would soaking or larger chunks help? But, since my daughter asked why I hadnt gotten a smoker sooner, it was still a success. Next weekend, its ribs. Any constructive advice very much welcome and thanks to all. Pictures show before and after.
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Lookin' good Droopy! I can smell that Q from here! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey I think you are way too hard on yourself with that C+. Looks like you did a fine job, you have some nice bark on that pork and if the kids liked it that much you have to count that a big success; I know I do in my house.

I think you'll have better lucks with the chunks instead of the chips. I remember reading that for long smokes like a butt, use the chunks and for short smokes you can use the chips. I soak mine for awhile but some do it for 30 mins and others don't soak at all. Whatever works, experiment.

I just did my first ribs yesterday, used a couple fist sized pieces of apple and hickory and when I removed them sevral hours later there was still wood left.

Good luck with those ribs, they are going to be good.
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I agree that you are way to hard on yourself with the C+,,,

The way it looks and the reception from Family require an upgrade!!

A- Maybe??

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<I agree that you are way to hard on yourself with the C+,,,

Well thanks for the kind words. The C+ is a composite score. I would have scored higher based on taste alone biggrin.gif but the darn technical half brought me down icon_cry.gif
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Welcome aboard SMF,and a big hello from Canada eh !
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C+ ? You had to pummel the kids to save some bird for the wife and it's a C+ ?

Are you a teacher?

Sometimes chips catch fire, a thin edge might ignite and get it going, that's not necessarily anything you can control. Just keep a spray bottle handy no biggie! Sometimes a drip of grease drips in the wrong place at the right time ...

Sometimes it's really hard to see the smoke when your doing it right. You really have to have something dark to look through to see the "thin blue smoke." If you are smelling it so isn't the food.

I for one think you did a really fine job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ok Ill adjust my grade to a B-. We had pork BBQ sandwiches tonight and they were very good. Could have been a little more spicy but the kids asked to take it for lunch so it was pretty good. Of course my kids are unusual in that those 2 will eat just about anything if they can get a fork in it. Even veggies. Cant wait to do some smoked stuffed zucchini. Thanks again everyone.
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Droopy -

Cajunsmoker has a recipe around here someplace for stuffed zucchini did you see it? It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
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Welcome to SMF Droopy! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif ...And...a Hearty Hello from WAY south of the Mason-Dixon Line! Congratulations on your new GOSM too!
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If the kids asked for it as leftovers it's a definite A.

I aked my daughter if she wanted some leftover ribs for dinner the other (she never eats leftovers) and after she said yes the first words out of her mouth were , "Can I have some of those baked beans with it too! (Dutch's recipe)"
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What is it with these kids and leftovers?
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They probably realize it wont take 8 hours before they can eat!
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