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i'll have to get jeff's stuff. been experimenting w/ things i find here & there & spending money on my food booth & recording studio- gotta save a few bucks fer jeff's rub & sauce.
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I am interested in purchasing and trying Jeff's rub. My ability to search and navigate the web site seems I am mentally challenged..... If somebody could post a link to where I can view an order form with prices it would be very much appreciated.
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here you go. you will not be disappointed.
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Thank you Chris, very much appreciated.
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Well, I purchased, ordered and received. I am pretty pumped up to try it, now I have to plan my next smoke !!!
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congrats. i use them on everything i smoke.
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Today I'm smoking a rack of baby backs, a rack of spares and a rack of beef ribs. 2 fattys and a dozen abt's. I ordered Jeff's rub and sauce recipe, and today is the first time using it. The fatty's and abt's are done.
I cut the skirt off and rubbed it and threw it in on the rack. I just had a taste of it (really I ate it all!) and let me tell ya, that rub is da BOMB!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Thanks Jeff, the sauce is also very good. Can't miss for less then 20 bucks.
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I ordered them yesterday and got them right away. Gonna do my first smoke this weekend and I'll be using the rub and sauce, can't wait !!!!!
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I ordered them today and also can't wait to use them. Unfortunately my weekend is booked solid this week and I will have to wait until next weekend to use them. I might actually have a chance on Sunday to do something but not sure yet. Hopefully I will be able to sneak something on the smoker. I'm dying to try ABT'S as everyone raves about them so much.
Thanks Jeff. I will report back when I do finally put them to use.
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Hook you will enjoy both it's the best money I ever spent and use them all the time.
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Great stuff I mix a new batch every few weeks! I even add it to Italian salad dressing for a southwest style dressing!
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Just got mine today, only got the rub recipe and will try it on a pork shoulder in the morning. Can't wait.
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I just gave in and ordered mine...Though, I noticed I was offered 2 different prices for the deal in the same e-mailicon_confused.gif Of course I clicked on the cheaper of the twowink.gif .
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one of my powders clumped up due to humidity. I found that the wife's flour sifter worked wonders on mixing and getting out clumps. talking about the rub obviously
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Hey now a sifter is a good idea!
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I mixed mine up and put it all in the food processor for a few minutes.
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Hey all,
Just made up a batch of Jeff's Rub and Q sauce and all I can say is on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to rate this a +30. For those who haven't tried Jeff's Rub and Q sauce you don't know what you are missing.

PS I worship you Jeff.
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All of this hot weather here in Kansas has been torture! I haven't smoked anything in a month or so. I have a mason jar of the rub mixed up and haven't used it on anything except what I have sent through my Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. (rub is awesome on chicken)

Come on September!
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i broke down & ordered the rub & sauce recipes too. now i gotta figure out what to cook.......ribs & pork shoulder i think..and never forget the fatties.
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WOW GYPSY, 19 posts a day average. You da man. The fish count must be downbiggrin.gif Heard you guys just broke 100 degrees for the first time in 16 years
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