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I did it.....I could'nt stand hearing about this rub and sauce anymore so I took a loan out and ordered it.
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How long does it take to get the rubs andsauce sent to my email after I order? I have heard so much about it that I am having trouble waiting..........like a kid on cristmas eve.
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should have it with in the hour
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Placed my order at noon and it is now 2pm.
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You can always shoot Jeff an email, I rember reading somewhere that if you didd not get it within the hour to let him know. I think it was an hour anyway.
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just got it, can hardly wait to use it............I wonder how tired I would be if I stayed up all night using the new recipes and then went to work at 8?
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This is going to be my next purchase for my smokin' arsenal!
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I received mine within a minute.
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Might want to wait so your awake enough to enjoy it!
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Darn peer pressure. Seriously, I had to buy it after reading the great reviews and how kind Jeff seems to be. He runs a great web site and forum and paying $19 is worth having these two resources available...
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Alright Gang! We're on a roll here!

Who next? Step up - don't be shy!

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I purchased the reciepes during the 5-day ecourse. The first time I used them I cooked 2 butts, and 10 baby backs for approx 30 people. Nothing but rave reviews from all. The sauce went over the best. People kept putting it on their fingers, and eating it by itself. A squirt on the pulled pork was just what it needed to "kick it up a notch". Best money I've spent, hands down. I've not changed the receipe at all. Thanks.
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I really love the sauce! Add it to some Italian salad dressing and it makes a great salad!
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I guess I was up next. I put in my order. Now i am waiting for my email so I can go shopping to whip up a batch of both......refresh.......refresh.....refresh :-)
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you probably have most of the ingredients already. i had to buy like 2 items and that was it. i use the rub an any meat i smoke, and keep a bottle of the sauce made in the fridge at all times. i used a 24oz ketchup bottle to put it in. washed it out real good, and it works perfectly.
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I assume the file would be sent out automatically but after 9 hrs I have not received it. Is this normal? I was hoping on doing ribs this weekend and would like to use the rub on my ribs. Not the end of the world if it is not an automated process and I have wait till monday. I will just use my own.
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i would shoot jeff an e-mail if i was you.
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pne123, I just sent you the recipes manually... the spam filters catch these things occasionally since it is sent with an automated script and I guess that must raise some flags with the spam filters.

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a tip to others: i use yahoo mail. i have a folder called "meats". any mail from this site goes straight to that folder, so it nevers go to my bulk folder. i imagine hotmail and others like yahoo offer the same option.
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They are great

I got these during the 5 day course also..
Well worth every cent...
Use them all the time...
Thanks Jeff....
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