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A very good rub. Has enough heat to hold up to Q temps, deep fry temps, and oven temps. Like any rub you put together, you must mix it very well in order to taste all the ingredients. I have used it like any other rub, I have Q'd with it, used in in soups, mayo mix, avocado mix, nachos, and everyway that I use to test a rub. Because of the good balance, it's an excellent jumping point if you want to expand on the tase and or heat. I reccomend it to all.
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Jeffs Rub Receipe

I to used Jeffs rub on a pork loin this last weekend and it was fantastic, the flavor was absolutly great.
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Thanks Jeff

I bought both recipes, I've only made the rub so far and it rocks, I will be making the sauce soon. I've only smoked 3 things so far, I'm a newbie, I did some bbs, a fatty, and today, I smoked a turkey breast, I used Jeffs rub for this, I just added some stuff, to suit my taste for turkey. icon_smile.gif
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You two just had to dig up this old thread didn't you!icon_smile.gif

So I had to order it, and as soon as I was done the wife walks in and says I am stinking crazy to pay for a recipe.

So now I am going to have to try it out and prove her wrong!
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uuggghh....... I hate you all I. Now I have to buy the dang recipe and find out what all the hubbbuh is about. oh well here I go....... paid :)
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aahhh, mesquite, the rub, and the sauce... Jeff should make a cologne that smells like that.
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Darn you all!

I have been in this forum for less than 6 hrs and I am already convinced that i need to order these recipes.

I know what I'll be doing this sunday, while I wait for all the snow to melt.............Makin rub and sauce!


Cant wait to try it.



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It's good John. You won't be disappointed.

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Very good, but like anything you can tweak it a little to your own taste. I've added some heat to both of them.devil.gif


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Just ordered Jeff's recipes on 9/9/11.  Are they sent via snail mail or email?  Can't wait to give them a try.




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