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New guy here in St. Louis

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Just signed up yesterday and am very excited to share ideas, well maybe get ideas, seems like you all already know what I know.

I have a Great Outdoors Popane, stainless steel smoker. Have had it about a year. Since it is proapne, I hope you all will still talk to me.

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Welcome Ribmaster. nice to see another from Mo. here on SMF. Folks here are very friendly and helpful. Doesn't matter what smoker you have. Anything from a light bulb in a cardboard box to a big stickburner is welcome. Any questions just ask, someone will help you out.
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Welcome aboard SMF , ribmaster , glad to have ya and hello from Canada EH ! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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WSelcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome Ribmaster-

You'd be surprised there always something new to learn - even from a newbie sometimes. We all do things just a bit different.
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Welcome to the forum. There are many friendly folks here who share many wonderful adventures. Many of us have different or multiple kinds of smokers. Just sit back, relax, visit, share, ask, or simply draw from the wealth of knowledge shared.
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Welcome aboard the SMF! Glad ya joined.
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Welcome aboard, no worries on the type of smoker you are welcome in this club
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Hey wannabe need'nt be ashamed of any type smoker, you'll probably end up with several like the rest of us..............icon_redface.gif
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how ys doin fellow st louis guy here
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Welcome to SMF. Nobody here's gonna down you for using gas. It's sorta popular here actually.
Go Cards.
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