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baby backs

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grilling some baby backs this afternoon, been along time since i grilled ribs and not used the gosm smoker, how do you guys grill ribs?
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I've had success grilling them over medium/indirect heat to an internal temperature of 170. I mop on the sauce the last 30-45 minutes.
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Ive gone with the 2-2-1 they havent been on for verry long yet, heres the first pic when they went on the grill.

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It's all the same Chrish - once you get the temps right. Can't wait to see them finished!
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well i was so eager to eat i forgot to take any pics, I was hungry, the down side the new improved Kingsford charcoal too hot!!!! and plus im not that good with charcoal anyway hot dogs and hamburgers is my limit I need a new gas grill.
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Chris, that Kingsford is hotter. Did you use the indirect method? I normally let mine burn down a little extra in the side baskets before putting food on.
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