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my plans for today didn't work out 'cause of the rain we had yesterday and my ditch plugging up and putting a lot of junk in the yard so i did my smoke at is a meat loaf that i started with meowys mix and added my own pinch here and there, garlic, old bay, chopped green peppers and pepperoni.

the smoke is sweet birch and the smell off the ECB is hypnotizing, every time i went by on the tractor i went to instant slobber..

here it is about half way thru
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That looks delicious!!! I've got to get a towel and wipe my keyboard now, thanks for the pic!
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What time is dinner? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Did you say pepperoni! I can be there in about 9 hours. Please save some for me! LOL

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Just too darn good

boy talk about timing. got all the flood junk cleaned up,back 40 mowed, it just started raining and the meatloaf was done. man i couldn't wait.. i wanted to take the ECB to a radio flea market in Butler PA. today but the storm yesterday and the threat of rain today canceled that,i figured the smoke belching and the sweet smell of birch would have drawn people to my table and buy stuff.

So anywhooo i stayed home and did this delicious meatloaf, it actually went to 195 degrees without drying out because i got busy and didn't check it but man that thing was the best loaf yet, many more to's the pics for a Qgasm
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Automatic drool control is now fully engaged to protect the keyboard. We love meatloaf and do them often. That is a great looking pan for the smoker. Where can a starving hillbilly find one?
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Thats some good looking meat loaf Linescum great job.
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Yumm love meatloaf! Looks great as always!
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got it at lowes for under 5 bucks
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I like that pan too, I take it the grease will just drip into the water pan? Ok here comes the "this is how dumb I am" question. What is the pan called, it's not a colendier, is it? I hate greasey meatloaf and that one looks great.
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Simply awesome looking! I am so damned hungry for some Q!!!
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Nice job there Linescum!
Excellent smoke ring and drool factor!!
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lowes sells it as a BBQ wok
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Very nice looking meatloaf. I have a similiar pan that I use for grilling veggies and they usually turn out great
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I have been thru a couple of the smoking tray/ bbq woks (I don't know what happens to them) At any rate they are great to have. I first started to use mine to do shish kabobs without the sticks and have moved along to meatloafs, fish, chopped veggies, almost anything. Under five bucks seems cheap, I'll have to look to add to my missing collection, under ten seems to be what I remembered, but maybe I just got stuck!
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