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first try report

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First try with water smoker and I am pleased to say all went well.
I did a chicken and some ribs and they both turned out pretty good.
I did learn a few things, but I think the main thing is to just relax and have fun and chances are you'll wind up with some good food regardless of mistakes.

Here is the quick rundown:
Brined chicken, rubbed ribs, I used a pretty spicey mix for the rub and really caked it on ribs they turned out very hot.
I fired up the smoker and as soon as the coals were ready I put the meat on. And thew on some wood . Put on the lid and let it go for two hours.
I have one of those oven dial thermometers and left it on top rack. It was reading around 275. I moved the thermo to the bottem rack and it read 350.
I did try and cool it down by taking the lid off for a few minutes and spritzing the coals .
At 2.5 hours I checked the meat temps and they both appeared to be done.
I did the AJ and foil on the ribs for 1/2 an hour. Took the foil off for a other 45 min or so and by then I was really hungry so I ate it. Tasted good, the ribs didn't fall off the bones, but pulled off easily, and the chiken tasted moist and smokey.
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Glad you are happy with your first results and you will get even better with practise

I don't suppose you took any pix eh? We like pix!

Try to keep your heat down to 225º next time and things will improve.

Great start! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think I started out with too much charcoal, next time I'll start out with less and add more as needed. I might try and get a better thermometer too.
I have a week to pnder my next attempt. I have a pic but it's too large a file size. If I figure out how to make it smaller I'll upload.

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Dzlater, sounds like you're off to a runnin start, things can only get betterPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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dzlater you can use the Powertoys image resizer to resize pics. You can also use ImageShack or photobucket (or any other off site photo pages)

Try this:

Keep Smokin
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Welcome. Glad you are sharing your adventures. Feel free to ask questions and to learn from the friendly folks here.
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I know for a fact ... with Image shack, you can upload any size and it will give you a thumb size that folks can click on, which will bring them to the fullsize ... no wonderful details lost!
and that is a good thing!
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Sounds good Dan. I rather like my ribs to have a little resistance to them. Falling off the bone is sometimes to much IMHO. I'd rather they pull off than fall off, but I do over do it sometimes.

The spices take a bit of time to figure out what you like. Sometimes it the right mix but to much on the meat that'll do it. It's aways an adventure!
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Good start DZ....keep up the good work..............PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Good work!
Keep workin' on it.
You can get lots of help and tips around here.
Most of all have fun!
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