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I can tell you what NOT to do ...

I don't know what you know about fishing but when my boy was about 6 or 7 he thought he wanted to go fishing. All the other boys went fishing with their Dads I guess and he felt left out. I was divorced and his dad rare did much with him. Well I never fished with a pole as a kid just sharpened sticks and stick with line I found tangled in the rocks on the near by river.

Well I went to the local sports shop and I think the hook and line must have still been hanging out the side of my mouth because ...

I asked the man what I needed to take my boy fishing. I wanted a real fishing pole and tackle box full of fishing stuff just for my boy and one for me!

Well about $100 later (this was in 1984) ... we had 2 of everything, went to town and I got a licence for $20 and off we went to the local fishing pond.

I watched some guy put his stuff all together and did pretty much the same and it worked. We caught a fish and it bled and my boy was horrified!

"Mom stop - we're were going to kill it." He yelled

I said "Well yeah Ed we're were going to fry it up and eat it."

He said:

"I only eat fish that come in triangles! I want to go home!

That was the last time he ever went fishing ...
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I guess I didn't mention that my son made me release the big bass too. He wasn't too pleased watching me stuff that thing through it's gills so it can't swim away. He eventually won the argument and the fishy went on to swim another day.

Oh well, it was still a lot of fun to see him pull that sucker in.
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