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A Couple Butt Shots

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Finally got around to doing a Boston Butt for my wife today.

Started off at 8:00 and used Hickory - Apple - Maple as the smoking woods. At the same time I did 6 large split chicken breasts. Boston Butt was rubbed down with mustard and then coated with Meowey's Pork Rub. That rub is awesome and really easy to make and convert for your needs. Butt was up on top and being temperature monitored with my new digital thermometer. Temp in the GOSM was 225 for the Butt and 250 for the Chicken Breasts. I sprayed everything on the hour with a apple juice - pineapple juice - Bacardi mix.

Breasts came off a little after 12:00pm and really looked good. I foiled them and then started putting together a Meatloaf and two Fatties. The Fatties came off about 3:30 and the Meatloaf ran until about 5:30 and was great for dinner. I continued to spray everything on the hour with a apple juice - pineapple juice - Bacardi mix.

At that time I had been in the temperature plateau since 4:00 at 160 degrees when we got hit by a big storm. The GOSM held it's flame and temp throughout and I was really impressed by it's ability to operate in high winds without issues. I finally moved off plateau after 6:00 and hit 175 on temp. I then foiled the Butt with a generous dab of apple juice and had 200 degrees a little over an hour later. I coolered the Butt with two towels for 2 hours and then let the wife get busy pulling.

Temp was still very high when we un-foiled the Butt and the bark was very dark making me think I might have burned her a little. My wife was able to hand pull most of the meat with a finger dance every once in a while due to heat but got more meat from the Butt than we expected. Put some of SoFla's Finishing Sauce on the pulled meat and enjoyed a few tastes......mmmmmm that's good Butt!!!

Pictures of the Butt below after coming out of the cooler and again after the pull:

Thank's to everyone for their help over the last couple weeks and for your generosity in posting your successes and recipes for great sauces and rubs. I really like the fact that when I need a quick rub or sauce recipe - all I have to do is a quick search of the forum and I have what I need made 5 to 30 minutes later.


Watery Eyes
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that butt looks really nice!! Mine is still resting, and I hope it looks half as good as yours :)

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Id say looking good there, good to see another GOSM user out there liking his smokerPDT_Armataz_01_36.gifbiggrin.gif
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Very nice! makin me hungry icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yummmmmmmmmm Lookin Good!

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Looks good! I love a good bark like that.
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Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Nice lookin' butt!!
Nice bark as well!
Keep up the good work.
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Pressure is on Lisa ... now that ... is a hard act to follow!
Nice job WateryEyes ... nothing burned about that ... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great lookin butt watery eyes, drool slurp wipe PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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