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new smoker more sausage

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hello all

i just did my first smoke in the new fridge smoker i did 15 pounds of summer sausage and 10 pounds of smoked polish sausage the summer sausage is a pre mixed seasoning and is 10 pounds of beef mixed with 5 pounds of pork butt the smoked polish sausage is 10 pounds of pork butt and pre mixed season

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looks awsome man, send some my way I'm hungry!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Looks fantastic! I love smoked sausages!
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sorry smoked no can do this sausage is for my niece she graduates from high school next saturday we are having a bbq for her should be a great time lots of food and drinks and good people
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That sausage looks AWESOME!!!

I'm looking forward to smoking some locally made Kielbasa in the next couple weeks.

Good Woork!!! biggrin.gif
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Great looking sausage..., but where are the vents in your smoker? If I remember correctly from your "fridge smoker" post, you were gonna cut vents in it.
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i cut a hloe in the top for the chimney and a hole in the bottom for the hot plate figured that would be enough for ventalation seemed to work pretty good yesterday

my biggest problem was there seemed to be one summer sausage that did not want to come up to temp i moved it around several times it took 2 hours longer to cook then the rest of the sausage i dont understand that
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ok, I see it now. My electric burner sit's right inside the fridge. Bought 2 floor vents last week, but on further inspection, see they use plastic to open and close the vent assembly. I may want to rethink this. Would hate to cut them in and find later that they won't or don't work because of the plastic. They big gaping holes would bother me.
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Salmon,good looking fridge smoker.You talked about a chimney in the top.Did you put a damper in the chimney?Ive had that problem with one or more sausages not wanting to come up to temp in my fridge smoker.I think sometimes a sausage might be stuffed a little tighter than the rest taking longer to get it done.Ive also found if you grind your meat finer it is more dense when stuffed thus taking the whole batch longer to smoke.
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thanks for the info i did put a chimney in the smoker with a damper and what you said about grinding the meat finer makes sense i did grind it finer this time then i usually do thanks again for your help
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Hot smoke at what temp and for how long?? They look fantastic!
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you did say fridge smoker right.. me & uncle got as far as the fridge on blocks years ago & thats as far as it went ( was a mother earth news idea).. i always wondered if it would work- please send the plans again
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i start the sausage at 120 for an hour with no smoke
then i add a pan full of chips leave temp at 120 for another hour
raise temp to 140 for an hour
raise agan to 160 for an hour
raise again to 175 until the sausage reaches 152
pull sausage and put it into a cold water bath for about 20 min to cool down


i posted everything i did to the fridge you can look under refridgerator smoker in the fourm it has pics if you need more help let me know
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Were you able to be that precise with the temps because of the hot plate?

I rigged up my own cold smoker but there is no way i could get those kind of precise temps. My first full run had me at the mercy of the ambient temps. I was able to keep it cooler by moving the smoke chamber around. I never got above 135 or so even in direct sunlight.
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Looking really good!!
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i have a thermostat hooked up to the hot plate to control the temps
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My first attempt at Summer Sausage

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looks good so far let us know how it turns out
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Shortrib that isn't plastic in there is it?

Salmon what do you use for a burner? Where did you get it? The one I had worked perfect it burned out so replaced with one from Wally World and it does not want to stay on all the time (over temping the burner) I took the burner apart and does not appear to be a thermoswitch in there but can not get up there in temps
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Look Closer, you will see the beer, I took this picture after I hung it in the fridge, I forgot to take pictures in the smoker...
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