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Rookie mistake

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Memorial day I smoked a brisket (flat) & my first fatty.

I thought there was not as much smoke as normal but since I just got my current smoker at the end of last summer I didn't think much about it & everything tasted OK but not great.

Today as I was getting things ready to smoke tomorrow I realized that I just put the hickory chips on the charcoal instead of using a foil pouch; DOH.

Tomorrow should be much better; I'm doing another brisket flat & a fatty but this time I'll be putting cream cheese in the fatty.
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i always put my splits/chunks right on the coals with no ill effects it's all in personal preference
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What kind of smoker are you using friend? icon_question.gif
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did you soak your chunks and chips first?

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I've got a vertical Brinkman. I soaked 2 cups of chips & then put them directly on the coals. I think they last longer/smoke more inside the foil.
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I wouldn't call it a mistake. Its done all the time. Plus if it woks for you, keep doing it. I haven't used a foil pouch for a while, and haven't needed to. Its just a matter of preference really.
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M.M. -

You don't ned the pouch for the vertical it's okay. It needed mostly for the grill smokers but it work in anything except maybe a big log burner. Don't kick yourself you didn't really do anything wrong.
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Chips do last longer in foil and I only use chips when I can't get chunks!
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I use sticks on the Bandera and chips in a packet on the small (very small..Marlboro Miles Grill) and they work great on it. Just let the chips gets smoking (dry chips) then throw on a couple steaks. I've learned this is where gas grills come in handy. 2 steaks, foil pack, quick lite and I'm good. But smoking is a whole different animal. All sticks and lump.
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