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How much smoke??

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Was thinking about getting the Masterbuilt electric smoker. But I'm curious; How much smoke does one of the electric smokers produce in general? I have a pretty large hood in my restaurant. Would the smoker produce such a large amount of smoke that my place would still get smokey, or is the smoke minimal in such a unit as this?

And yes, I know it would be best to get a bigger one for a restaurant but I'm just going to do a few things with it. Also, I checked with my city ordinance, it's allowed.

Was also thinking if there was a manufacturer that made a unit with "one" chimney type vent I could possibly hose it up into my ventilation hood.

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Tonio...I think you will probably be fine with the hood ,but if not ,it would be very easy to install a dryer type hose set-up to help guide the smoke where you want it to go , my .02 worth.
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I would definitely vent your smoke outside ... if anything should go wrong with your hood (power failure or other) You could have a real problem.
My .02 cents worth!
Good luck! icon_smile.gif
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I think it should be fine.
It shouldn't cause any more smoke than 2 or 3 burgers on the charbroiler.
I've had more smoke in a kitchen doing burgs and/or steaks.
The hood should handle it.

Chef Brianicon_smile.gif
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Besides what is wrong with a little smoke in the restraurant I think wood smoke smells great
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do both- increase traffic from outside & make folks order bigger meals inside.icon_mrgreen.gif
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If you have an ANSO unit, you'll be just fine. I have a MES on my porch and blow smoke away with a small fan.
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Cant you charge extra for the extra smoke??? Id pay for itbiggrin.gif
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