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Char-Griller Duo

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I stopped by Academy Sports the other day and saw the Char-Griller Duo sitting there. I was wondering if anyone has seen one of these in action? It is a gas grill on the left and charcoal on the right. It needs some mods and is set up already to accept the SFB. I read some posts I found on a search for it on other sites and they seem to like it.



Just thinking ahead for Pappy's Day.

Keep Smokin
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I've seen that a lot on the other site but they dont sell them up north yet, looks like a nice combo cooker thoughicon_rolleyes.gif
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That sounds alot like what I have been trying to build except my has a firebox already and two grates. Dang that's cheaper than I can fiish mine for!
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Looks cool.
Like having the best of both worlds.
But I wonder..........................
Be interesting to find out.
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Thats the first look at one for me. It was mentioned on this forum over the winter (...I believe...) but I couldnt find it on the Chargriller site. that looks awsome with the SFB added on. It would be great if the two lids could be 'opened up' so that the smoke could enter the cooking chamber of the propane side as well. I need more rack space on my regular CharGriller as it is, no way I could go with less.
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Yes, my thoughts exactly. I barely have enough room as it is... cutting the smokin' area down is a big no-no! I haven't seen them around these parts to get an actual feel for the dimensions. Now if they offered up that combo using the Outlaw as a platform, then I'd really be interested! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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I looked at 1 of these myself and even as a newbie I felt like the smoke side was too small. Otherwise it looke dlike a good unit.....
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After mentioning that I'd wouldn't mind getting one to the wife, she got it for me for father's day. I put the SFB on it also, so it takes up some length space. I would like for it to have a shelf on the front, but might make it a reach to get to the food.

I have it seasoning right now and I'm planning on ribs tomorrow to see how it puts out. Hopefully I won't be disappointed in the space. But I can see making a cut out to tie the two chambers together if need be. I always have the GOSM if I need more smoker space and it's easy enough to fire up and watch.

I'll bring pics when I do the ribs.

Keep Smokin
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I would say your one lucky dad!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif As i said before, heard a lot of great things on the other forum but have not seen one yet. Just think, smokin chicken on one side and crispin it up on the othericon_mrgreen.gif Look very forward to your report and pics of your new baby!!
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I eyeballed one at Sutherland's today. Interesting. Neat.
PC, make sure you give us the long & straight on this thing. I trust your evaluation.
Also, what is the cost of the SFB?
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I remember posting links about this a few weeks ago I think for a newbie that was looking for one. I haven't seen it yet, but I didn't know the sides were separated.

Keep us posted Piggie!
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Congrats on the new smoker PC. Be sure and give us the low down after tomorrows smoke. We're gonna need some rib pics too ya know.
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I wasn't able to get the new smoker fired up today... but tomorrow morning bright and early it's going to work with a couple fatty's for breakfast, ribs for lunch, and brisket goes into the GOSM for a birthday dinner... might even go at it the SmokyOky Wunnerful Way..

More in a few hours
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They don't show the Duo or list it on the Char-Griller website, but they have a cover for it on the site. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Here's a start on the pics. More on how it performs later.

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Links to slide shows

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Wow, she's real purdy PC... Thanks for the pix!

Looking at the size ratio between the SFB and the smoking chamber, you shouldn't have any trouble getting that baby up to temp... Keep us posted on its performance.
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Right now, with the charcoal pan flipped over for a baffle, the CharGriller thermometer says 220º and my probe show the temp at the grate to be 208º. Not quite as warm as I would like it to be but not too bad.

I started off with one chimney of unlit coals in the firebox and one chimney of lit coals on top of that. I'm using a combination of cherry and hickory for the smoke.

More later.
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A few early pics as I go...
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My CG thermometer was never as accurate as that! Now it won't go over 150...

When I flipped my charcoal pan, it definitely helped even out the temps across the grates, but it also took more fuel to get the temps up at the grates. After I installed the permanent baffle, I eliminated the pan altogether. Now it is easier to get the surface temps I want, plus they are very even from end to end.
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