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Spare Ribs with pics

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Smoked some Spare ribs this weekend and here are the results. Ribs were a bit salty but the end result was pretty good.

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those look like what i have been dreaming about all weekend while i was working at the Orchard Lake Polish Festival this past weekend,,

good job
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Those look mighty tasty!

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Now I have to find something to eat........Those looked great
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Yup,they look good enough to eat to me!
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Jeff those ribs look My-T-Fine to me. Did you soak them in apple juice before you rubbed them down.
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No, I just rubbed them down about a half an hour before i put them in the smoker. I spoke to a friend who says he soaks in vinager overnite, if I do them again, I'll try soaking them in something first.
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Try the apple juice and soak them around 3 hrs makes a big diffrence
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Will do, thanks for the tip.
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very nice ribs
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good lookin ribs jts PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking good JTS!
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