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Routing thermometer into smoker

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I was wondering how members have routed their probe thermometers into their smoker.

I have a new thermometer enroute and was considering drilling a small hole in the side of my GOSM to run the probe cable inside. Don't know if this is a good idea or if their are any better ideas out there.

If you have pictures of your set-up...please post them.
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I just put mine right in the cook chamber. The cable is thin enough that there isn't any problem. Unless you mean for the smoker temp. Then mine are drilled through at grate level at both ends.
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It usually works good on the GOSM to just run the probe down through the top vent. You can then use a chunk of wood, pot holder, or a towel and set the thermo on top of your smoker.
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I also run my thermometer cables thru the top vent and set the control units on a block of wood.
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I third that. Vent and block of wood.
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Sounds pretty simple - I didn't want to add any extra holes.

I have a little top hat vent extension that I have been using but I should be alright.

Thanks for the advice!
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Heya, Watery Eyes!

Check out this thread

It's a pic of my Rainy Day Solution, which I use all the time and illustrates what the other folks are talking about.

I actually have had as many as four thermometers routed that way.

Hope this helps!
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and a plastic 50-cd spindle lid over the transmitter on top of the wood in case of hail like today!

having serious temp issues currently. i got 4 racks of ribs in, and 2 sheets of ABT 's. the thermometer in the door of the gosm reads over 100º hotter than my probe which is sticking through the bottom of a rack of ribs into thin air...

not sure which is closer...i think i'll go with digital.

oh and the 2 pork butts are wrapped in up foil in the oven (had to make room in the smoker, ya know)...i'm givin them another 3 hours at least.

smells goooooood so far though!

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Mark G, if your door thermo is right it would be the first one I've heard of. The GOSM thermo is notorious for being way off.
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My door thermometer is off by about 50 degrees, but it's solid and I can usually keep temps right internally by doing the math adjustment. I keep two oven thermometers inside just for safety sake.

I'll rig my digital thermometer this weekend using the vent method and post a pic - thanks for the advice guys!
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Why don't you adjust it?
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