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Don't have one of those "hydrator" thingys, but do have a ton of maters this year. I have thought about getting one but haven't yet. A big "YES" on this new forum.
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Tim -

Get yourself an incandencent drop light from the garage and a big cardboard box. Instant dehydrator. You wide won't mind if you steal her baking racks for a few hours will she? An old computer fan on the bottom helps move the heat around too.
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Thanks Deb. Looked at acouple of units today. Deceided not to buy one until after vacation week after next. Anyone hear of American Harvest ?
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I have 2 American Harvest dehydrators. One is a 4 tray and 1 is a 10 tray. I wouldn't trade them in for nothing! I won't use anything else. I always get consistant results with them.
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Thanks Az. Just what I was looking at. BTW: Was in your state last Wed & Thurs. Flagstaff and Payson.
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......... bump ............
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I believe my sisters is American Harvest. Looked nice. She like it. I think she actually made jerky twice on it.
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Noticed there are a few different models. Guess the highest wattage is the best one. But then, maybe not.
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Over the years I have learned a good lesson. Having been an avid mortorcyclist, boater, hunter, fisherman and totally consumed by firearms technically and practically the lesson I have learned is this:

If you are going to buy something and are offered choices whether it be size, power, options or what you will eventually want the first time you buy. In other words, start out with what you want to end up with.

My Honda 450 was great for about six months then the 750 was under my butt for about four months and then the Harley Sportster came, then the Full Dresser.....know what I mean? My$.02.

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One other words ... go big! Just like your smoker once you get started in using it, it always seems to gets smaller than when it was first purchased.

Just like smoking - there is also no limit to what you can do with food and a dehydrator. It's only limited to your (or the SMF's) imagination!
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I have the American Harvester unit too and works great. I do not dehydrate that often but when I do it works great just too small sometimes
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Got my eye on one of those 1000 watt dehydrator's from American Harvest. See how it goes next week after vacation. Was looking on the web earlier today. Seems like everything from A to Z can be dehydrated.
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We now have a whole new section called "Preserving Food" and it includes dehydrating and canning.

I made an announcement yesterday in the Messages For all Members and Guests Forum.
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Thanks for the info Monty. Was out of town yesterday. Am heading to the section now.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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